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  • [Guide] Battle of Olympus

    The ultimate battlefield of Clans! The Battle of Olympus content has been newly updated.
    The Battle of Olympus is an all-server Clan based PVP event that takes place on Monday and Thursday at 21:30~22:00 during the event period. [Event Schedule]

    The Battle of Olympus is opened at Rebirth 5 Lv. 1 and can be found at [Character > Clan > Clan Event > Battle of Olympus].

    Fight together with your Clan members, kill the Boss and enemy Clans for various rewards.
    Exclusive Accessories and season rewards are also given.

    [Battle of Olympus]

    1. Event Period : Every Monday and Thursday at 21:30~22:00.

    2. Event Battlefield : The event take places 4 times in 2 weeks.

    3. Register: At least one Clan member must be 5 Rebirth Lv.100 or higher for the Clan master to register.

    4. Rewards preview: Clan Honor points, Bound Diamonds can be acquired for the rank rewards of Battle of Olympus.

    5. Exclusive Accessory : After achieving 80 Boss kills the exclusive Accessory 'Ring of Perennity' is given.

    6. Ranking : View the rankings for the season Clan points.

    7. Rank Rewards: Preview the season ranking rewards.

    8. Help: Click for additional information on the Battle of Olympus

    ※ If only one Clan is matched, they win automatically.
    ※ You cannot create Clans during the event period.
    ※ You cannot add or remove Clan members during an event round.

    [Battlefield Rules]
    - 3 Clans can battle in the Battle of Olympus
    - Each Clan begins at a random location on the map.
    - Boss and elite monsters are spawned during battle.
    - Clan points can be acquired by killing Boss and elite monsters.
    - The character that deals the final blow to the Boss earns the buff 'Rage of Thunder' which deals DMG to the around.
    - The character that deals the final blow to the elite monsters earn the buff 'Thunder Immunity'. This buff reduces the damage of 'Rage of Thunder' by 50%.
    - Buffs acquired from Boss and elite monsters do not disappear when the character is killed.
    - At the end of the battle the Clan with the most points is victorious.
    - You can re-enter the battlefield if the event has not ended.
    - If every Clan has 0 points, they are all defeated.

    - If you exit the battlefield, no rewards can be acquired.
    - First win rewards are given for first win.
    - Clan points and victory rewards can be earned by winning the battle.
    - The losing Clan loses Clan points but receives participation rewards.
    - If only 1 Clan is matched, the Clan wins automatically but cannot receive Clan points.
    - The rankings are settled on the last day at 24:00, and season rewards are given accordingly.
    - Season rewards can be claimed until the next season is over
    - The exclusive Accessory 'Ring of Perennity' is awarded for 80 Boss kills
    - If the Clan points is zero, season rewards can't be acquired.