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  • [Guide] Emperor's Privilege

    Strengthen your Tarot Cards! The Empire’s Privilege content has been newly updated.
    Emperor's Privilege is a newly added content based on the Tarot Card system where you can enhance your Tarot Cards.

    Emperor's Privilege is activated upon completion of the quest [The power of the Tarot Card] at Rebirth 6, Lv. 15, and can be viewed at [Character > Tarot Card > Emperor's Privilege].

    1. Preview Total Options: Max HP, Accuracy, Evade, Attack DMG and DEF are permanently increased.

    2. Privilege Tier: View your privilege tier and applied options.

    3. Enhance: There are 20 Levels in the Emperor's Privilege, and each Level consists of 10 star grades.

    Enhancing requires [Lunar Flames] and evolving requires [Starlight Box]. They can both be acquired from Emperor Gift Box, which are earned from participating in Battlefield of Emperor. Unbound diamonds can be used instead to enhance.

    4. Current Status: View the current enhance progress of the Emperor’s Privilege