Defeat the Reverse Individual Boss and acquire Reverse resources!
Your personal Reverse Individual Boss has been newly updated.

It can be found at [Character > Reverse > Reverse Boss > Trial Boss].

You can claim Starry Dawn, Reverse Chest (Advanced), Holy Reverse Chest (Advanced) through Reverse Individual Boss.

※ Reverse Individual Boss cannot be challenged in an all-server or Reverse map.

1. Difficulty Level: There are 5 difficulty levels in Reverse Individual Boss. Killing the Boss within 30 seconds is a perfect kill and the next level Boss is opened.

2. Rewards: After each challenge, Starry Dawns are given as rewards through mailbox according to your result. Starry Dawns are used to enhance the Wings Awaken Lv.

- Perfect Kill: Defeat Boss within 30 seconds.
- Success: Defeat Boss within the time limit.
- Failure: Failed to defeat Boss within the time limit.

3. Challenge: The number of tries made, and free challenges left.

Reverse Individual Boss can be challenged up to 5 times a day, regardless of succeed or failure. The first 3 tries are free. After 3 free attempts, additional challenges require Lucky Stars.

Challenging the same level Boss 3 and 5 times will also give Reverse Chest(Advanced) and Holy Reverse Chest(Advanced), respectively.

4. Sweep: After achieving perfect kill, you can sweep the Boss.