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  • [Guide] Wings Awaken

    Challenge the limits of Reverse!
    The Wings Awaken content has been newly updated.

    Wings Awaken is an opportunity for you to further strengthen your Reverse abilities and is composed of Awaken Level and Symbol of God.
    It can be found at [Character > Reverse > Wings Awaken].

    The requirements are the same as Reverse: Rebirth 10 Lv. 1 as well as completion of the quest [Ancient Legend(1)].

    [Wings Awaken Level]

    The basic options and Awaken options are increased according to the Wings Awaken Lv.

    1. Level Up: The item [Starry Dawn] is required to level up. They can be acquired from Reverse Individual Boss.

    2. Basic Options : Max HP, All Reverse Type DMG, All Reverse Type DEF options are increased through Wings Awaken. The maximum Wings Awaken Lv. is 100.

    3. Awaken Options: Resist All Reverse Type Critical and Resist All Reverse Type Critical DMG are increased when the Wings Awaken Lv. reaches 1, 20, 40, 80, and 100.

    [Symbol of God]

    Symbol of God slots are opened when Wings Awaken Lv. reaches certain points. Inserting Symbol of Gods in the slots will give powerful Reverse stats.

    There are 5 types (Light, Dark, Nature, Chaos, Spirit) and 3 grades (Magic, Rare, Epic) of Symbol of God.

    1. Symbol of God Slots: There are a total of 5 slots, which are opened at Wings Awaken Lv. 20, 40, 55, 70, and 80.

    The requirements for opening the slots and available Symbol of Gods for each slot are as follows:

    2. Symbol of God Inventory: You can check Symbol of Gods you are possessing. [Starry Dawn] can be acquired when Symbol of Gods is disassembled.

    3. Symbol of God Options: The options are basic option, excellent option and set options. Press the button to view the options that are applied.

    a. Basic Options: Each type of Symbol of God has a different type.
    ex) Symbol of God. Light – Light DMG, DEF / Symbol of God. Spirit – Spirit DMG, DEF

    b. Excellent Options: Symbol of Gods of Rare grade or higher have additional excellent options. The details are as follows:

    c. Set Options : Set options are given for equipping 2, 4, and 5 Symbol of Gods of the same grade and type.
    Better set options are applied according to the grade of the Symbol of Gods.