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  • [Guide] Treasure Map

    Earn various items through Treasure Map! The Treasure Map content has been newly updated.
    Treasure Map has 3 types (Feather, Equipment, Material) and 3 grades (Normal, Advanced, Superior).
    After using the Treasure Map in the inventory, your character will move to the place where the treasure is hidden and will encounter one of the three events below:

    1. Treasure Box : A treasure box is dropped.

    2. Dungeon Event : Clear the dungeon within the time limit to receive rewards.

    3. Monster Event : Kill the monster to receive rewards.

    Upon discovering the monster, it will be protected from other characters for a certain amount of time. During this time the rewards can't be acquired when other characters attack the monster. After the protection time is over, other characters can attack the monster and claim rewards.

    [Treasure Map Requirements]
    Treasure Maps have character Lv. requirements according to grade.

    There is a daily limit of uses in a day, and it increases according to the VIP Lv.

    Treasure Maps cannot be used in all-server maps or while in a party.

    [Treasure Map Craft]

    There are 3 grades in Treasure Maps.

    Normal Treasure Maps can be acquired randomly in EXP Dungeons, but Advanced or Superior Treasure Maps must be crafted.
    3 Treasure Maps of the same grade and type are required to craft higher grade, as well as unbound Zen. Higher grade Treasure Maps give better rewards.

    Treasure map can be crafted at [Character > Craft > Treasure Map].