Achieve goals and be awarded! The Clan Activity Points content has been newly updated.
It can be found at [Character > Clan > Activity Points].
Participate in various Clan events and receive various rewards!

[Clan Activity]

1. Goals : View the goals and the rewarding activity points.

2. Progress : You can check the progress of each goal. Press the [Accept] button to accept your rewards. If it is not yet completed, you can press [Join] to move to the event screen.

3. Weekly Activity Points : View the points acquired this week.

4. Rewards : Clan Points and Clan Pet EXP Package can be received as rewards once for each stage. You can use the acquired Clan points to exchange items at the Clan shop.

※ Clan Activity Points are reset on the last day at 24:00.
※ Any unreceived rewards will also be cleared at this time, so please make sure to receive them in time.
※ Rewards are sent individually to your inventory.
※ Clan Points are not reset upon leaving a Clan. Clan Activity Points will remain until they are reset on the last day.