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  • [Guide] Hall of Clan

    Become an Honored Clan! The Hall of Clan content has been newly updated.
    It can be found at [Character > Clan > Hall of Clan].
    Hall of Clan is a new content where the the results of Clan Chase, Clan Battle Royal, and Devilish Treasure are taken account and rewards given according to the season rankings.

    [Hall of Clan]

    ① Clan Information
    - Clan Name : Name of current Clan
    - Clan Season Point : Clan Points are given according to the Clan event results. Reset every 2 weeks.
    - Total Clan Point Rank : Point ranking for all seasons combined.
    - Clan Point Rank : Point ranking for current season.
    - Clan Victory Count : The number of Clan events your Clan has won.
    ※ Results for Devilish Treasure, Clan Battle Royal, Clan Chase are renewed after the battle is over.

    ② Total Point Ranking : Point ranking for all seasons combined.

    ③ Season Point Ranking : Point ranking for current season.

    ④ Event match : Clan events in which points can be acquired.

    ⑤ My Ranking : Ranking of your Clan.

    ⑥ Event settling time : The time at which rewards can be received.

    ⑦ Point Reward : Preview the rewards that will be given at the end of the season.

    [Hall of Clan - Event]

    A. Clan Event : Name of the Clan event

    B. My Ranking : Your Clan’s rankings for the event.

    C. Go to event : Press this button to move to the event screen.

    ※ Hall of Clan rankings are renewed every hour.
    ※ Season rankings are settled on the last day of the season at 24:00.
    ※ Rewards will be sent through mail.