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  • [Guide] Clan Pet

    Fight together with fantastic pets! The Clan Pet content has been newly updated.

    Clan Pet is opened when joining the Clan at [Clan > Clan Pet]. Clan Pet is not shared by the Clan and it is applied to individuals.

    The Clan Pet’s Normal options and Clan options are applied only to you and will make your character much stronger.

    [Clan Pet Activation]

    Clan Pet content can be opened by pressing the [Activate] button at [Clan > Clan Pet].

    [Activated Clan Pet Screen]

    1. Materials required : [Clan Pet EXP Pack] are required to level up.

    2. Upgrade : 1 [Clan Pet EXP Pack] is used to gain 10 EXP.

    3. Auto : [Clan Pet EXP Packs] are used automatically. The process can be cancelled.

    4. Clan Pet Lv. and Status : View your Clan Pet’s info.

    5. Feed : Press [Feed] to feed your Clan Pet and get extra attributes for 7 days.

    6. Pet Transform : Clan Pets can be Transformed. They will get a new exterior by using Pet Transform items.

    7. Normal options : In regular dungeons and fields, normal options are applied.

    8. Clan event options : Clan event options are applied during Clan events.

    ※ Clan Pet disappears when you leave or disband a Clan, but it returns at the same status after you rejoin a Clan.


    A. Feed : Feed your Clan Pet

    B. Types of Feed : Three types, each with different effects

    C. Confirm : Press the button to feed your Pet. After the effects of the feed are over, the options are reset, and the Pet’s status is reset to Hungry.

    ※ If you use Clan Pet Feed of a higher or same Grade, any previous attribute increases are erased, and the lasting time is reset.

    [Pet Transform]

    A. Transform : Press [Transform] and [Remove] to change between exteriors.

    B. Materials required : You can spend materials to Lv. up and gain extra attributes.

    C. Level Up : Press [Level Up]. The maximum Lv. is 15.

    D. Status : See the Transform Lv.

    E. Transform Options : Normal options are applied when not Transformed, and both options are applied when Transformed.

    F. See Option : View the options currently applied.