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[Guide] Demonic Hallow

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  • [Guide] Demonic Hallow

    Strengthen your Reverse options! The Demonic Hallow content has been newly updated.
    Demonic Hallow can be found at [Character > Reverse > Demonic Hallow].

    Demonic Hallow is a Reverse content where you can enhance your Demonic Horn, Demonic Feather, and Demonic Eye for extra Reverse DMG, DEF, and Critical options.
    Demonic Hallow is activated along with the Reverse system upon completion of the main quest [Ancient Legend (1)] after Rebirth 10 Lv.1.

    [Demonic Hallow Enhance]

    1. Preview options : View the current and next Tier options for Demonic Horn, Demonic Feather, and Demonic Eye.

    2. Demonic Hallow Preview : View the Tier and Star Grade of the chosen Hallow and can check the previous and next preview of the Demonic Hallow. Each Tier has 10 Star grades, and after reaching 10 Star grades it can be evolved to the next Tier. The maximum Tier is Tier 20 Star Grade 10. When enhancing, you can gain a critical effect at a certain chance, which gives more EXP.

    3. Choose to enhance Demonic Horn, Demonic Feather, or Demonic Eye.

    4. Enhance : Press the button to enhance

    5. Materials : View the items required to enhance. To enhance Demonic Horn, Demonic Feather, and Demonic Eye, [Demonic Horn], [Demonic Feather], and [Demonic Eye] is required for each and when evolving to the next Tier [Demonic Heart] is required.

    6. Auto-enhance : Enhance until all materials all used or reached max Star Grade.


    The materials can be earned at the Clan Arena Honor Shop and Clan Assault Honor Shop.