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  • [Guide] Clan

    The Clan system can be accessed at [Character > Clan] after Rebirth 5 Lv. 1.

    You can participate in Clan Events such as Clan Arena, Clan Assault after joining the Clan.

    Characters above Rebirth 5 Lv. 1 can create or join Clan and when creating a Clan 500 Unbound Diamond is consumed.


    1. Clan Info : You can check Clan Master, the number of Clan members and Clan CP here.

    2. Clan Notice : Only the Clan Master can make a Clan Notice.

    3. Clan Member : You can check the information of the Clan members here. Clan can consist of up to 5 members, including the Clan master.

    4. Clan Event : You can check and participate Clan events here.
    - Clan Arena : Real time 5 vs 5 Clan Event.
    - Clan Assault : Last month's top 64 Clans of the Clan Arena can participate in the Clan Assault at every 9th of the month at 14:00 ~ 16:00.

    5. Clan List : Your server's Clan's name, Clan Master, the number of Clan members, Clan CP can be checked.

    6. Clan Shop : You can exchange rare items with Clan points.

    7. Invite Friend : You can send an invitation to your Clan. Only the Clan Master can send an invitation.

    8. Leave Clan : You can leave Clan by pressing [Leave Clan] button. Clan Master can press [Disband Clan] at [Clan Member] menu to leave a Clan.