New Mount Emblem system has been added.
Mount Emblems are opened upon completion of quest [New Friend] at Rebirth 3 Lv. 60 along with the Mount system.

[Mount Emblem Slot]

1. Mount Emblem Slot
There are total 6 Mount Emblem Slots and the options are applied when inserted.

When Mount Emblem system is activated, one slot is opened and additional slots are opened according to the Mount's level.

2. View Total Mount Emblem option
You can check the total option of inserted Mount Emblem.

3. View Mount Emblem per Parts
You can check the possessing Mount Emblems per parts by pressing the buttons of that part and by pressing the button again you can check every Mount Emblem you possess.

4. Mount Emblem inventory
When Mount Emblem is stored it is not stacked.

[Mount Emblem Grade]

1. Mound Emblem Grade
Mount Emblems are divided into 3 grades : Magic, Rare and Epic.
[Violence of Rage], [Thunder of Destruction], [Darkness of Death] are the three types of Mount Emblems.

Mount Emblems with same type has same options for each part and the options are different by the grades.

Mount Emblems with higher grade has higher options.
The options for Mount Emblems are as follows.

The number of Mount Emblem's excellent options are differed by the grade of the Mount Emblem.
In the case of Epic Mount Emblems, increasing its level will give additional excellent options.

2. Set options
Mount Emblem has 3 types of [Violence of Rage], [Thunder of Destruction], [Darkness of Death] and set option is applied for every 2, 4, 6 Emblems of the same type.

Ex) If the Magic Violence of Rage Ⅰ and Rare Violence of Rage Ⅱ is inserted, set of 2 options will be applied.

[Mount Emblem level up]

The Mount Emblems' level can be increased by using other Mount Emblems or other certain item as material.
You can check the screen above by selecting the Mount Emblem and pressing level up button.

1. Level up Preview
You can check the amount options that increase when level up and required amount of EXP for level up.

2. Mount Emblem grade Select Button
You can view Mount Emblems by its grade.

3. Material Emblem Inventory
You can select the Mount Emblems for level up materials.
The selected Mount Emblem's boundary is marked yellow.

4. Level up
You can proceed the level up procedure by pressing this button.
The max level of the Mount Emblem is 50.

5. Disassemble
You can disassemble the selected Mount Emblems.

6. Select All
You can select all the Mount Emblems in the inventory with this button.
Only the Mount Emblems on the first page is selected and from the second page of the inventory isn't selected.