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[Guide] Reverse Map

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  • [Guide] Reverse Map

    You can go to Reverse maps at [Map > All Server Map > Dark Land(Reverse)] or [Character > Reverse > Dark Land(Reverse)].
    A new inventory is given in the Reverse maps.

    In Reverse maps only Reverse equipment and items can be used.
    Monsters in the Reverse map have a weakness, and if the character's type matches the weakness, additional damage is dealt.

    ※ In Reverse maps you cannot use the social functions.

    Consecutive monster kills in Reverse maps will start the Reverse combo and reaching a certain number will activate a Reverse experience buff.
    The higher the combo, the bigger the buff. If you stop killing monsters for a certain time, the combo count will stop.
    The effects of the buffs are as follows :

    [Additional experience given according to Combo]