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[Guide] Reverse Boss

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  • [Guide] Reverse Boss

    There are 5 BOSS in the Reverse Map : Abominable Slayer, Infuriated Slayer, Catastrophic Slayer, Imperious Slayer, Phantasmal Slayer
    The Reverse Boss regenerate every day at 12:15 and 19:15
    If a Reverse Boss is not killed, it will not regenerate at the given time.

    When a BOSS is regenerated, a mark will appear on the right part of the screen in the Reverse maps.
    This will remain until the BOSS is killed, and pressing it will take you to the BOSS.

    Once combat begins with the BOSS, Rankings are calculated according to the damage dealt. Rewards are given based on the Rankings.

    Rewards can be claimed before the respawn of the Boss and after the respawn, the previous rewards can't be claimed.
    [Reverse Boss Ranking Rewards & Final Blow Rewards]

    [Reverse Boss Reward Chest Contents]