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  • [Guide] Reverse Emblem

    Light, Dark, Nature, Chaos, Spirit are the 5 types in Reverse maps. Each type has its relative strength and weakness.
    In Reverse maps the effects of Reverse options are applied. The types can be improved through Reverse Emblem and Reverse Exceed.

    [Preview Total Reverse Option]

    Can view all the Reverse options the character possesses at [Character > Reverse > Reverse Option]

    [Reverse Emblem]

    There are five types of Reverse Emblems : Emblem of Light, Emblem of Dark, Emblem of Nature, Emblem of Chaos, Emblem of Spirit.
    Among these Emblems, you can select two. The effects of the 5 Emblems are as follows :

    After choosing 2 Emblems, press the [Confirm] button to activate them.
    Increasing the Emblem's level requires Emblem points, gained through Reverse Enhance or increasing the Reverse level.

    1. Change Emblem : If you wish to reset your emblem, press the [Change Emblem] button to go to the initial page and reset all.
    Emblem reset requires unbound Diamonds, and the amount increases each time. After reset all used Emblem points are returned, and you may re-choose the two Emblems.
    2. Emblem : Each Emblem consists of 1 main Emblem and 3 sub Emblems.

    A. Main Emblem : Every time its sub Emblem's level is increased by 5, the Main Emblem's level is increased by 1.
    The Absorb DMG and Critical DMG effects are increased according to the level.
    The maximum level of sub Emblems is 180, and the Main Emblem's is 37.

    B. Sub Emblem 1 : Absorb DMG of all types is increased.

    C. Sub Emblem 2 : The DMG of the activated type is increased.

    D. Sub Emblem 3 : The DEF of the activated type is increased.
    Emblems 3, 4 : Use Emblem points to raise their level, or change to different types of Emblems

    The Emblem points are used overall and not separately.

    EX) If you have 100 Emblem points
    - 30 Light Emblem points + 70 Chaos Emblem points : It can be distributed.
    - 0 Light Emblem points + 100 Chaos Emblem points : It can be distributed.
    - 100 Light Emblem points + 100 Chaos Emblem points : It can't be distributed.

    5. Detailed information of Emblems : View the options of the main and sub Emblems according to level.

    6. Emblem points : View remaining and used Emblem points.

    [Reverse Emblem Page]

    ① Reverse Emblem Page: Use the Emblem Page feature that allows you to switch Emblems when needed.

    The number of Emblem Pages you can use varies on your VIP level.
    You can use up to three Emblem Pages.

    Drag the Page you wish to use and tap [Use Emblem] to activate the selected Page.

    Your first Emblem switch is free of charge, but will cost you unbound Diamonds afterwards.

    ② Emblem Info: View your available Emblem Points, and choose from your Emblem Page.

    Touch your activated Emblem Page to level up your Emblems.

    ③ Reset: You may reset your Emblem Pages here.