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  • [Guide] Reverse

    Enjoy new maps and new equipment with the newly updated Reverse contents.
    Reverse is a totally independent system where you use Reverse experience to raise your character.
    The Reverse contents is opened upon completion of the quest [Ancient Legend(1)], as well as meeting the following conditions :

    1. Rebirth 10 Lv. 1
    2. CP 12 million
    3. Wings, Roch Feather, Griffin Feather Max, and total Feather Lv. 600

    1. See Option : View the options your character will have at the Reverse maps.

    2. Reverse Option : View the Reverse types and other information, as well as the daily experience limit.

    3. Dark Land (Land of Reverse) : Touch to go to the Reverse maps.

    4. Reverse Evolve : Can view the conditions needed to evolve, and proceed if met.

    5. Reverse Emblem : Choose two Emblem types to level up.

    6. Reverse Exceed : Add slots to the Reverse equipment, as well as Refine and insert stones.

    7. Reverse BOSS: Kill the BOSS and gain rewards.

    8. Reverse Ranking : View the Rankings for Reverse level, Elite Kills, BOSS Kills, and Serial Kills.

    You can go to Reverse maps at [Map > All Server Map > Dark Land(Reverse)] or [Character > Reverse > Dark Land(Reverse)].

    [Reverse Experience]
    Reverse Experience can only be gained in Reverse maps, by killing monsters or Disassembling Reverse equipment.
    However, there is a daily limit of experience that can be obtained through both monster kills and Disassembling.

    The limit is reset at 0:00 every day.
    The daily Reverse experience obtain limit can be viewed at [Character>Stat>Reverse Option].

    There are 3 Tiers in the Reverse level, and each Tier has a limit.

    <Reverse Tier Level limit>

    Tier 1 Limit : Level 60
    Tier 2 Limit : Level 140
    Tier 3 Limit : Level 240

    Even if you have reached the maximum level, experience is still accumulated and can be used afterwards.