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[GUIDE] Awaken Evolve

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  • [GUIDE] Awaken Evolve

    Use your Awaken Dust to enhance your Awaken!
    The Awaken Evolve contents has been added in the 6.0 Update.

    The Awaken Enhance opens upon completion of the main quest [Equipment Awaken] after Rebirth 4 Lv. 15,
    and can be found at [Character > Awaken > Evolve].

    You can evolve activated Awaken Stones to increase the options.
    Additional options are achieved based on the Awaken Tiers.

    ① Evolve material : You can see the required amount of Awaken Dust.
    ② Disassemble : You can disassemble Awaken pieces.
    ③ Only disassemble bound pieces : Can check after pressing the ‘② disassemble ’ button. You can only check the bound pieces in your inventory.
    ④ Disassemble : Press this button after selecting the pieces you wish to disassemble. You can acquire 10 Awaken Dusts for disassembling one Awaken Stone Piece.
    ⑤ Disassemble All : This will automatically disassemble all pieces in your inventory.
    ⑥ Enhance : Awaken Stones can be enhanced with Awaken Dusts up to Tier 10, and each Tier consists of 10 Star Grades.
    ⑦ Basic Option : The Awaken Enhance increases the Awaken options, and additional options can be achieved when reaching Tier 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.
    ⑧ See Option : Can see the accumulated buffs on your character.
    ⑨ Awaken Dust : Shows the amount that the character possess.

    ※ The Awaken Enhance contents is available after activating at least one Awaken Stone.