Gift Enchant Stones to a friend and gain additional attributes through Enchant!
The 'Enchant' contents has been newly added in the 6.0 Update.

The Enchant system opens upon completion of the main quest [Gold Miner] after Rebirth 2 Lv. 15.
Go to [Character > Refine] where [Enchant] will be newly added.

You can add Enchant options to your character and Mount equipment.
Transfer is available for character equipment only.


① Choose equipment : You can insert the equipment that you wish to Enchant.

② Enchant Stones : You can see the required amount of Enchant Stones, as well as the number you possess.

③ Enchant : Click the [Enchant] button, where 2~3 options will be randomly selected.

④ Options : You can view the randomly selected options, and if it has reached its limit it will be displayed as MAX.

⑤ Save : Press save to grant the options, and in case of previously Enchanted equipment existing options will be deleted.

⑥ Preview options : You can see the possible Enchant options and its figures.

[How to receive/send Enchant Stone]

① Send : Select a friend and gift Enchant Stones.
② Receive : Receive the Enchant Stones your friend has given you.

※ Enchant Stones can be gifted between friends at the [Friends] menu.
※ You must reach 80 Daily Activity Points to gift an Enchant Stone to a friend.

[Enchant Transfer]

You can transfer your Enchant to other equipment.
① Enchant : Enchant can be transferred to other equipment.
② Select equipment : You can select the material and transferred equipment from the list on the right.
③ Select resource : Select whether to use Unbound Zen or Unbound Diamond for Transfer.
- Required Unbound Zen for Transfer : 5,000,000 Unbound Zen
- Required Unbound Diamond for Transfer : 100 Unbound Diamond
④ Transfer : Press the Transfer button and the material equipment's Enchant options will be transferred to the selected equipment.