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  • [Guide] Descent

    The Descent contents has been newly updated.

    Descent is a system that transforms your character's appearance,
    and weapon for a certain amount of time, also giving new Descent skills.

    The Descent system opens upon completion of the main quest [Long and Winding Roads] after Rebirth 6 Lv. 45,
    and can be found at [Character > Descent]


    A Descent button is added to the top right of the virtual pad.

    On the top right of the Descent button the number of remaining uses will be displayed.
    Below the Descent button the time left in Descentform will be counted down.

    The Descentform only lasts for a certain amount of time and has a cooldown for re-activate.
    The Descentform can be used up to 3 times daily for free.
    For further use, the [Promise from Above] item is required.

    The [Promise from Above] can be acquired by many ways including events.
    If you have equipped a Descent costume, pressing the Descent button will activate the Descentform and its skills.


    ① Descent : A preview of the Descent as well as its skills, attributes, and enhance are available.

    ② Holy Weapon : Pressing the Holy Weapon button shows the exterior of the weapon in Descentform.
    The exterior changes every 20 level of the Descent.

    ③ Preview : A preview of the Descentform can be checked here.

    ④ Before & After : Pressing the arrow on the right will give you a preview of the next Descent level’s exterior. The left button will show all previous exteriors.

    ⑤ Skills : You can use Descent skills during Descentform.
    Enhancing your Descent level also increases the Descent skill level and its attributes. Enhancing your Descent raises the experience bar, and when you reach the next level the bar is reset.
    Pressing each skill presents the skill’s effects according to its level.

    [Descent Costume]

    ① Descent costume : If you have used a costume, the Descent costume button is activated.
    You can look at your costume’s exterior as well as its skills and attributes.

    ② Preview : You can preview the Descent costume’s special exterior.

    ③ Descent costume skills : The Descent costume ‘s skills are more powerful than ordinary Descent skills.
    Also, each costume has a unique passive skill that becomes available after equipping the costume.
    The costume’s unique skills can be enhanced through increasing its level, and other skills are given the same level as the Descent.

    ④ Equip : You can equip or unequip your Descent costume. However, unequipping your Descent costume will deactivate the passive skills and costume skills.

    ⑤ Costume inventory : You can see the Descent costumes that character possesses, and see which are equipped.

    ⑥ Basic Information : Equipping the Descent costume gives additional attributes.
    Each costume has different attributes and are applied even when they are unequipped.

    ⑦ Level Up : Enhancing your costume requires copies of the same costume as materials.
    The required number increases according to the costume level.