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  • [Guide] Force War

    War among Forces, prepare the battles!
    'Force War' system has been added with the Force War update.

    - True war between Forces the 'Force War' system has been added.
    - Force War opens between every Saturday 19:00 ~ 19:30.
    - During the event hour, battlefields of High Castle, Verdie, Platina, Blackfire and Icy Castle open.

    [Participating Battle]
    - Force members can select a battlefield to participate.
    - The battlefield can be changed anytime during the event.
    - If the participant limit has been reached, you might have to stand by to enter the battlefield.
    ※ Forces cannot be changed during the Force War.

    [Battlefield Rules]
    - Each battlefield has 7 capture points, and each point has a capture progress gauge.
    - Every time the capture point is occupied, the percentage increases.
    - When the flag is posted on the flag post by a Force, the point becomes occupied by the Force.
    - You can attack other Force's flag and can post your Force's flag when it is destroyed.
    - The Force that has the most capture percentage at the end conquers the battlefield. And the conquered status is maintained until the next Force War begins.

    [Ranking Rules]
    - The rank is decided based on each Force's occupying rate of the battlefield.
    - When a single Force occupies several points in the same battlefield, the capture percentage is accumulated. The rank for each battlefield is decided based on the battlefield's total capture percentage.
    - The Force that has the most capture percentage in the battlefield conquers the battlefield.
    - You can achieve points when you defeat characters from other Forces or by attacking the other Forces' flag. The ranking is decided based on the accumulated points. (The points are accumulated even though the battlefield is changed.)
    - The basic rewards get better as the rank gets higher.
    - Ranking is reset before the next Force War begins.

    [Reward Rules]
    - Mount Treasure Chests, Bound Diamonds and Bound Zen can be acquired as the Force War participation rewards.
    - The rewards may differ depends on the time when they were claimed and the rank.
    # Force Grade rewards are only available to be claimed between Sat. 19:30 ~ Sun. 23:55.

    [Force Shop]
    - Each battlefield has an exclusive shop and the shops can be accessed during the conquering period.
    - The Force that has conquered the most battlefields can have exclusive access to the special shop.
    ※ Only the Force members that has joined before the Force War event hours can use the Force War shops.

    - When the Force War commander enters the battlefield, all Force members acquire the special buff.
    - An exclusive buff is applied to the Commander.
    - Commanders are the Highlord, Warlord and Champion characters of each Force.