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    Enhancing my weapons stronger!
    Awaken is a system that activates Awaken Stone to enhance the Awaken options in character's equipment.
    Awaken opens upon completion of the main quest [Equipment Awakens] after 4 Rebirth Lv. 15. And Awaken can be entered through [Character > Awaken].

    [Activate Awaken Stone]

    1. Awaken Stone Types : Awaken Stones are divided into Attack Awaken Stones and Defense Awaken Stones by equipment part.
    - Attack Awaken Stones : Weapon, Necklace, Left Ring, Right Ring
    - Defense Awaken Stones : Armor, Helm, Gloves, Boots, Pants

    2. Equipment : The character's currently equipped equipment is shown here. You can activate Awaken Stone into the equipment.

    3. Options : The type and limits of the options when activating Awaken Stone to equipment can be checked here.

    4. Activate Consumption : You can check the required materials for activating Awaken Stone. The required materials are differed from which part it is equipped. Awaken Stone can be activated by consuming 'Awaken Stone Piece'.

    5. Requirement to open Options : You can check the equipment's requirements for activating Awaken Stone. In order to activate Awaken Stone, your character needs to equip equipment that fulfills the requirements.

    6. Obtain : You can check where to get Awaken Stone Pieces by pressing this button.

    7. Activate : You can check the set options that can be acquired by activating same type of the Awaken Stone. The Attack Awaken Stone's 4 piece set active option differs from the which weapon you use. And the activated options are applied when the Awaken Stone is inserted in 'Insert' section.

    ※ Equipment for Awaken must be Tier 7 at least, and have more than 5 Excellent Options.
    ※ When you change your equipment after inserting the Awaken Stone, if the changed equipment fulfills the requirements the Awaken Stone will remain inserted.

    [Insert Awaken Stone]

    1. Insert : You can insert the activated Awaken Stone to apply the options.

    2. Attack Awaken Stone Slot : You can insert Attack Awaken Stone here.

    3. Defense Awaken Stone Slot : You can insert Defense Awaken Stone here.

    4. Select / Replace : You can select and insert the activated Awaken Stone Set or replace with this button.

    5. Inserted Options : You can check the inserted Awaken Stone set's options here. If you want to insert other Awaken Stones, you need to activate the Awaken Stones.

    ※ In order to insert the Awaken Stone, the Awaken Stone's set should be active.