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  • [Guide] Emblem

    Reverse the battle results! Enhance the Emblem and acquire its hidden power.
    Various effects acquired along with the enhancement level, the 'Emblem' system has been added.

    Emblem opens upon completion of the main quest [The Origin of the Darkness] after 8 Rebirth Lv. 1.

    [Emblem Enhance & Evolve]
    - Emblem can be evolved to Tier 10. Every Tier has 10 levels.
    - After enhancing the all 10 levels, the Emblem can be evolved to the next Tier.

    1. Additional Effect : Can check the effects that is activated upon use. The effects are opened when the Emblem reaches the required Tier. And effects are activated when the Emblem is used. The effects that are not acquired are marked gray.

    2. Duration / Cool-down : Can check the duration time for using Emblem and cool-down for after using Emblem. The cool-down gets shorter as the Tier of the Emblem goes up.

    3. Basic Stats : Can check the accumulated basic stats and increased basic stats when evolving Emblem. 'Max Hp, Attack DMG, DEF, Resist DMG' can be acquired with Emblem.

    4. ▶ : Can check the next Tier Emblem's appearance with clicking the arrow button. Emblem can be evolved up to Tier 10.

    5. Tier / Level : Can check the Emblem's current Tier and enhancement level. The Tier gets higher when evolved, and enhancement level gets higher when enhanced.

    6. Materials for Enhance and Evolve : Can check the materials required when enhancing and evolving. For evolving 'Emblem Guardian' is needed and enhancing needs 'Emblem Light'. The required materials increase as the Tier gets higher. The materials can be exchanged from Dice shop and Guild shop.

    7. When insufficient : When enhancing or evolving the Emblem if the materials are insufficient, click the check box for consuming unbound Diamonds instead. The consumed unbound Diamonds will increase as the Tier gets higher.

    8. Evolve & Enhance : Can enhance or evolve once by pressing the button. When enhancing, the super critical occurs with certain chances. Super critical gives 10 times more EXP for enhance.

    9. Auto Evolve / Auto Enhance / Cancel : By pressing the button 1. Consume all possessing materials 2. Automatically evolve or enhance until the Emblem gets as high as it could. When auto evolve or auto enhance is ongoing, can cancel it by pressing the 'Cancel' button.