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  • [Guide] Guild League

    Diplomacy is over! It's time for the war! A war to be the best among all!
    The Guild League system has been updated.

    Guild League is available through [Guild > Guild Event > Guild League].

    [Guild League]
    - Guild League is an All-Server event to decide the best Guild within the limited battles.
    - The Guild League is composed of Minor League and Major League. The Major League can be participated with the Minor League's results.
    - The battles are held in a special battlefield called Olympus by capturing the Temple and the flags.

    [Requirements and Registration]
    - Guilds with level 6 or above can register for the Guild League.
    - Registration ends 30 min(s) before each round begins.
    - Can only register once per season and can register after the season has begun.

    ※ The Guilds that is going to be participating in the Major League will be automatically registered to the Major League.
    ※ Only the qualified Guilds can participate in the Major League. (Don't need the registration for Major League.)

    [Event Hours]
    - Minor League : Every Monday, Tuesday 20:30 ~ 21:00, Total 8 rounds per season.
    - Major League : Every Saturday, Sunday 20:30 ~ 21:00, Total 7 rounds per season.

    [League Rules]

    1. Minor League
    - Each season of the Minor League includes 8 rounds and, a season takes 4 weeks. Matching is randomly made among all-server Guilds.
    - Ranking points are given based on the victories and defeats of each round. Ranking is decided based on the Ranking points.
    - If the Points are the same, the ranking is decided by the previous round's wins/losses.
    - If the previous round's wins/losses are the same, the ranking is randomly decided.
    - Ranking is renewed every season.
    ※ In the first season of the Guild League, top 8 Guilds are promoted to the Major League from the Minor League. From the second season, top 2 Guilds advance to the Major League.

    2. Major League
    - Each season of the Major League includes 7 rounds, and a season takes 4weeks.
    - The Major League's ranking is decided based on the number of victories. The 7th and 8th ranked Guilds are demoted to the Minor League and can't participate in the next Major League.
    - If the number of victories between two Guilds are the same, the ranking is decided by the battle between those Guilds.
    - If the number of victories are the same with more than two Guilds, the ranking is decided by the wins/losses between those Guilds.
    - If the wins/losses are still the same, the ranking is decided by the previous round's wins/losses.
    - The ranking is renewed every season.

    [Battle Procedure Rules]
    - In the special battlefield for Guild League, the Olympus, there are 4 flags and a portal to Temple.
    - The Guild that occupies the Temple in the end of the event wins. If neither Guilds occupy the Temple, the one with more points gained wins.

    [Battle Rules]
    - The Temple is unoccupied in the beginning of the event. The Guild that enters the Temple first occupies it.
    - If members of the both Guilds are in the Temple, the occupation status does not change.
    - If only the characters from the Guild that isn't capturing the Temple are in the Temple, the capturing begins.
    - If there is no one in the Temple, the temple immediately becomes unoccupied.
    - Once the character enters the Temple, can't exit the Temple until the character is defeated.
    - Every Character that are in the Temple is attacked by the Judgmental Lightning.
    - The damage of the Judgmental Lightning gets stronger as the character stays longer in the Temple.
    - If the Temple or the flags are captured, some points are acquired as well as the buff for resisting the damage of the Judgmental Lightning.


    - You can check the number of enemies in the Temple, status of the Temple, captured flags and points for both Guilds.


    - You can enter Temple with the portal in the Olympus.

    [Judgmental Lightning]

    - Every character entered in the Temple gets attacked by the Judgmental Lightning.

    [Winning Conditions]
    - The Guild that is capturing the Temple at the end of the battle wins.
    - If the Temple is not captured, the Guild with more points wins.
    - The MVP is decided with the number of defeats, the Temple capturing status and the flag capturing status.

    [MVP Rules]
    - The character with most points in the victory Guild is selected as a MVP.
    - The points can be acquired when defeating the enemies.
    - The points can be acquired by the damages dealt to the flags.
    - As it gets closer to the end time, more points can be acquired.

    [Hall of Honor]
    - The Hall of Honor is a place where characters or the Guilds that have shown outstanding movements in the Guild League are recorded.

    1. Guild Data : Can check the previous season's Major and Minor League Champion Guilds, most champion Guilds for Major and Minor League.
    2. MVP Data : Can check the previous season's Major and Minor League MVP, most MVP characters for Major and Minor League.
    3. My Achievement : Can check the personal data(this season's defeats, total defeats, the number of wins) and Guild data(total wins for Major and Minor League, total defeats, the number of wins after point decreased).

    [Season Ranking]

    1. Guild Ranking : Can check the Major and Minor League's Guild rankings.
    2. MVP Ranking : Can check the MVP rankings.
    3. Defeat Ranking : Can check the rankings for the characters that has defeated enemies the most.

    [Guild League Rewards]
    1. Champion Guild Rewards
    ※ The rewards for the Guild master and members from Minor and Major League's Champion Guild.

    2. Exclusive Accessary

    - Guild League Trophy : Can claim by winning the Major League.
    - League Veteran Medal : Can claim by participating in the Guild League for 20 times.
    - Guild League MVP Trophy : Can claim by becoming the MVP in the Major League for 3 times.
    - Victory Emblem : Can claim by winning 20 battles in the Guild League.

    ※ Exclusive accessories can be acquired for once, when the requirements are fulfilled.

    3. Season Rewards
    - The Guild that has participated in the battle for at least once at the corresponding season can claim rewards.
    - Can claim rewards once per season.

    4. Battle Rewards
    - After every battle, the characters that are in the battlefield can claim rewards depending on the contributions that have made in the battle.

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