Exchange remaining resources to Alchemy Points and increase the CP!
Resource recycling system Alchemy has added.

Alchemy opens upon completion of the main quest [Prologue] after 13 Rebirth Lv. 1.

[Alchemy effects and activation]
- There are 9 stats that can be upgraded through Alchemy. Each stat is upgraded with certain amount per Alchemizing.
- The 9 stats are Max Hp, Attack DMG, DEF, Accuracy, Evade, Extra DMG, Resist DMG, Steal HP, Reflect DMG.

1. Increased Stats : Stats upgraded with Alchemy is accumulated and accumulated stats can be checked here.
2. Alchemy Points : Currently possessing Alchemy Points can be checked here.
3. + button : The resource exchange screen shows up when '+ button' is clicked.
4. Alchemize 1x / Alchemize 10x : Can proceed Alchemizing by pressing these buttons. 2,000 Alchemy Points are consumed for each Alchemizing. One of the stat increases for certain amount when Alchemized.
5. Stat Icon : Can check the amount of stats that increases when Alchemizing. The increased amount is fixed.

1. Resources : There are 8 resources that can be exchanged to Alchemy Points.
2. Exchange Ratio : Shows selected resource's exchange ratio to Alchemy Points.
3. Daily Limits : Daily exchange limits can be checked. The limit is reset at every 00:00.
4. Alchemy Points / Consumed Resources : Can check the consumed resources and acquired Alchemy Points.
5. Set Quantities : Exchange quantities can be set by pressing +, - button or moving the scroll bar.
6. Remaining Resources : Shows remaining resources after the exchange.
7. Exchange : Resources are exchanged to Alchemy Points as set. Below is the details for the resources and the amounts.

※ Once resources are exchanged to Alchemy Point it can't be reversed.