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  • [Guide] New Domain - Fortress

    1. Remaining Daily Quests : It is shown as proceeded quests / available quests. Quests can be proceeded 10 times daily. And it is reset at every 00:00.
    2. Quest Difficulty : The level of difficulty for the quest is stated by the color of the quest's title. It is in white > green > blue > purple order, and purple is the highest level. Clicking the quest title opens a detailed screen for the quest.
    3. Quest Refresh : The quests can be refreshed every 2 hours for free or immediately by consuming unbound Diamonds. The quests that are in progress or ready to claim completion rewards cannot be refreshed.
    4. Summon / Boss / Claim : The screen for summoning boss monsters can be checked.
    5. Quest Procedure : If the quest is in progress, the remaining time for completion can be checked.
    6. Quest Results and Claim Rewards : With the V and X, the quest results can be checked. And with Claim button, the rewards for the quests can be claimed.

    ※ When the quests are completed the next quest won't show up until the 'Quest Refresh' feature is used.
    ※ The Elemental Stone and Ruins Point rewards from the Fortress Quest can be checked in the inventory.


    1. List of pets and selecting pets : The lists of pets that are placed in the Fortress can be checked. Pet's level, success rate and the number of excellent options can be checked. Pets can be selected from the list to proceed the quest. Pets can proceed only one quest at a time.
    2. Quest Information : Quest title, consuming times to complete the quest can be checked.
    3. Suggested Pet : Selecting the suggested pet will increase the success rate.
    4. Success Rate : A rate for successing the quest. High Tier quests has low success rates and the success rate of Fortress quests can be increased by selected Pets' levels, the number of excellent options and by placing suggested Pets.
    5. Rewards : After completion of the quest, Energy Core, Elemental Stone, Ruins Points can be acquired as a reward. The rewards can still be partially claimed even though the quest fails.
    6. Pet Slot : 1 ~ 3 pets can be placed to proceed the quest.
    7. X button : Placed Pets can be removed by pressing the X button.
    8. Proceed : Quest proceeds when the button is pressed. Once it begins, it can't be stopped.
    9. Rules : Rules for the Fortress Quest can be checked here.

    - Below is a screen that can be checked when the 'Summon' button in Fortress is pressed.

    1. Difficulty : The difficulty level of the boss monster can be checked. By consuming unbound Diamonds when summoning, high leveled bosses can be summoned with certain chances.
    2. Normal Spawn / Special Spawn : The Fortress boss can be freely spawned once a day by pressing 'Normal Spawn' button. After normal spawn the button changes to 'Special Spawn', and consumes 100 unbound Diamonds for spawning the boss. If the boss is already spawned, it will be replaced with the new boss.
    3. Boss monster Information : Can check the currently spawned boss's information.
    4. Raid Rewards : Elemental Stone, Ruins Points and other items can be claimed as a reward for the completion of the Raid.
    5. Raid : The Raid starts when the 'Raid' button is pressed. Fortress Boss Raids can be proceeded 10 times daily. The Raid count resets every day at 00:00. Once the Raid has begun, other boss can't be spawned until the boss is defeated or the Raid time expires.

    6. Battle Information : Can check the remaining Raid time and expected damages.
    7. Suggested Pet : Can check the suggested pet. If the suggested pet is placed for the Raid, the damage is multiplied depend on the number of placed suggested pets.
    8. Place Pets : Can place pets on the Raid by touching the slots. Pets can be changed during the Raid.
    9. Free Battle : Can have battles with the boss 3 times free per boss. After the free battle, the unbound Diamonds are consumed for each battle. The required unbound Diamonds will increase gradually.
    10. Battle Reward : Can claim rewards for each battle.
    11. Battle Record : Records for summoning the boss and the battles can be checked.

    [Boss summon rules and Claim Rewards]
    - The damages dealt to the boss are accumulated.
    - To succeed Raid the boss must be defeated within the time limit. If not, the Raid is failed.
    - When the Raid succeed additional rewards can be claimed. If the Raid has failed, the rewards will be claimed based on the damages dealt to the boss.

    1. Raid Rewards : Base rewards for the Raid. If the Raid has failed, the rewards will be claimed based on the damages dealt to the boss.
    2. Defeat Rewards : When the boss monster is defeated, defeat rewards can be claimed as well as the base rewards.

    [Fortress_Raid Support]

    1. Friends / Guild Members : My Friends / Guild Members' lists and boss summonings can be checked. Can visit the Friend / Guild Member's Fortress by clicking the nickname on the list. And can support the Friend / Guild Member's Raid.
    2. Return : Can come back to my Fortress with this button.
    3. Boss Summonings : Can check if Friends / Guild Members have summoned the boss.

    4. Raid Support : Can support the Raid that Friend / Guild Member has summoned. Can have support battle once per boss. Supporting has no limits but rewards for supporting can only be claimed 10 times a day.
    5. Support Rewards : Elemental Stones and Ruins Points can be claimed as a reward for supporting the Raid that Friend / Guild Member has spawned.