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[Guide] New Domain - building development

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  • [Guide] New Domain - building development

    - Building development is a system that can claim rewards by developing the buildings.
    - In the Domain there are all 4 buildings. And each building has different rewards that can be claimed.
    - As the level of the building goes up, more rewards can be claimed.
    - Before the rework only one building could be developed at once. But after the 2.6 update max 4 buildings can be developed at the same time.
    - Building Types
     # Observatory: Star Essence
     # Tower of Magic: Gem
     # Tower of Battle: Fame
     # Gate of Ordeal: Achievement

    ※ Building's max level is 20.

    1. Building's level and EXP : Selected building's level and current EXP / required EXP to level up, and the building's exterior upgrade level can be checked.
    2. Development Materials : When developing Energy Cores are used as a material. If there is no Energy Core, buildings can't be developed. The quantity of acquired resources are different from which Energy Core is used. The developing time is longer for the higher Energy Cores as well as the rewards.
    3. Developing time and Rewards : Can check the selected Energy Core's developing time and rewards.
    4. Start : Start developing with the selected Energy Core.

    ※ The building's level, exterior, reward status are maintained after the update.
    ※ Energy Cores can be acquired through 'Fortress Quest'.