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  • [Guide] New Domain

    'Domain System' has been reworked through the 2.6 update.

    Develop buildings by consuming Energy Cores, and gain more resources. Worker are no longer needed for building development.

    Domain System opens upon completion of the main quest [Alternative Energy] after 2 Rebirth Lv. 80.
    Domain System can be found at [Domain].

    1. Level Rewards : Can claim rewards after the total level of 4 buildings in Domain.
    2. Buildings : All 4 buildings can be developed. The building's exterior gets upgraded as the level goes up. And can check the corresponding rewards on the upper side of the building.
    3. Developing Progress / Claim : If the building is developing, the progress can be checked under the building. If the development is completed, the status will be changed to 'Claim' and can claim rewards by pressing the button.
    4. Ruins : 'Ruins Point' acquired from the 'Fortress' as a reward can be used to activate the runes in Ruins and achieve stats. More details for the Ruins can be checked through the link.
    5. Fortress : With the 'pets' placed in the Fortress, defeating Boss Raid and clearing Fortress quests can be proceeded.
    6. Duelfield : Duelfield is a contents that is having Duels with other warriors and claiming rewards by sending slaves to the labor.
    7. Place Pets : Can place pets that are used in the Fortress. Can place max 15 pets. Pets can be placed by selecting the possessing pets in the inventory and pressing the 'Place' button.