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[Guide] Spots to Farm Collection Items

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  • MiaoMi
    started a topic [Guide] Spots to Farm Collection Items

    [Guide] Spots to Farm Collection Items

    Getting tired of being PK'ed while AFK farming for Collection Item during Special Events? Then this guide is FOR YOU!
    Here are some notable and "secluded" farming spots which may guarantee you a decent stack after a quick or long nap

    Now before I begin, let me enumerate the things you will and WILL NOT see in this guide:
    1). This guide will tackle a few spots from different maps from Noria to Swamp of Peace. This will be updated based on the discussion here or in this thread. All-Server Maps such as Kalutan and Elveland are excluded.
    2). Player Testimonies will be quoted in the Guide/Spot. Lessons are best taught through a series of actual experiences.
    3). This will not include Daily Dungeons since it is almost impossible to predict whether the Collection Items will drop in there or not (Example: Zen Dungeon/EXP Dungeon)
    4). This will not include Daily Events (Example: Devil Square/Blood Castle)
    5). Player Testimonies will be quoted in the Guide/Spot. Lessons are best taught through a series of actual experiences.
    6). The guide will be dynamic. You may notice a few "add this, delete that" time to time.
    7). Recommended CPs are tentative and does not represent anyone or anything. Overall, this guide will only present the actual spots. Efficiency and Gameplay should be discussed thoroughly by those who actually played the content and not just payed their way in.
    8). F2P-friendly.
    9). Efficient and Applicable to all class. Hopefully.
    10). No character builds.

    I'm hoping this thread/discussion to be dynamic as much as it can since we play our characters differently. I would also like to thank those who contributed on my previous thread about the same topic! All hands on deck!

    EDIT: The guide is done partially. I'll be leaving this as it is until someone posted about it. The maps which I did not include in this guide are the following

    • Atlans
    • Tarkan
    • Icarus

    Atlans - Lizard King probably has the high spawn rate compared to the Bahamut/GreatBahamut/Elite spot but due to the tendency to idle, I had to skip this map.
    Tarkan - Beam Knight/Tantalos/Iron Wheel (ELITE) are probably the best spot but due to the tendency of your character to idle once it moved to a certain point is high so I had to do a few runs to know whethere the range needs to be adjusted or I'm just having bad connection
    Icarus - Great Draken (near ELITE) and Phantom Knight (ELITE) are probably the best spots in this map but I haven't found the right coordinates to keep your character stay on that spot since the tendency your character moves to the Blue Drakan is moderate/high. These spots are mostly occupied for their essences.

    I'll be doing a few more runs in these spots before I add them to the guide so stay tune!

    Rebirth 0 - Rebirth 4
    • Noria (Recommended CP: --)
      • Beetle Monster
    • Devias (Recommended CP: --)
      • Hommered
      • Worm
    • Dark Prison (Recommended CP: --)
      • Hellhound
      • Hell Spider
    • Lost Tower (Recommended CP: --)
      • Dark Knight
    • Atlans (?) (Recommended CP: --)
    • Tarkan (Recommended CP: --)
      • Tantalos (Elite)
    • Icarus (?) (Recommended CP: --)
    Rebirth 5 - Rebirth 9
    • Aida (Recommended CP: 600,000)
      • Death Tree
      • Witch Queen
      • Death Rider
      • Blue Golem (Elite)
    • Kanturu Ruins (Recommended CP: 800,000)
      • Kentauros
      • Gigantis
      • Genocider
    • Kanturu Relic (Recommended CP: 1,200,000)
      • Dread Fear
      • Twin Tail (Elite)
    • La Cleon (Recommended CP: 1,800,000)
      • Pretty much the entire map except Coolutin >.>
    • Swamp of Peace (Recommended CP: --)
      • Shadow Pawn/Shadow Knight
      • Blaze Napin
    U P D A T E S
    05/08 - Updated Rebirth 0 - Rebirth 4. Added Beetle Monster, Hommered, Worm, Hell Spider/Hound and Death Knight. First player testimony comes from ChildOfNothingness. Placed some spoilers in the images to save space.
    05/10 - Updated Rebirth 5 - Rebirth 9 Added the monster listed above (too long to write them all [VOMIT]).
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  • KraWn
    commented on 's reply
    Of course I'll do my best to help you if I have to add something new

  • MiaoMi
    commented on 's reply
    Though I'm not even half-way when you replied on my thread but I truly appreciate you stopping by! If you have something in mind or you want something added then let me know!

  • KraWn
    Excellent guide, congratulations MiaoMi !!!!
    O.T: As I said actually I'm going to devias only

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  • MiaoMi
    Rebirth 5 - Rebirth 9

    Aida(Recommended CP: 600,000)

    Death Tree
    Estimated Coordinates: 21, 94

    Witch Queen
    Estimated Coordinates: 111, 115

    Blue Golem(near Elite boss)
    Estimated Coordinates:

    Death Rider (near Elite boss)
    Estimated Coordinates:

    Kanturu Ruins (Recommended CP: 1,000,000)

    Estimated Coordinates: 31, 61

    Estimated Coordinates: 46, 50

    Estimated Coordinates: 44, 144

    Kanturu Relic (Recommended CP: 1,500,000)

    Twin Tail (near Elite)
    Estimated Coordinates: 92, 38

    Dread Fear
    Estimated Coordinates: 95, 91

    La Cleon (Recommended CP: 1,800,000)

    Ice Walker/Giant Mammoth (if it's occuped then you can move below the coordinate)
    Estimated Coordinates: 95, 125

    Swamp of Peace (Recommended CP: --)

    Shadow Knight (set Auto-Battle range to "All"; your character will move between this spot and to Shadow Spawn)
    Estimated Coordinates: 135, 75

    Blaze Napin
    Estimated Coordinates: 61, 134


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  • MiaoMi
    Rebirth 0 - Rebirth 4

    Noria (Recommended CP: --)

    Beetle Monster
    Estimated Coordinates: 09, 73
    Player Testimony:
    Originally posted by ChildOfNothingness View Post
    Why: Mob density is good, fast spawn, doesn't require a high CP, so long as you can do AoE's. You just need to be wary of those AFK-PK players. Plus, there're times that few players are only farming on that certain spot.

    Devias (Recommended CP: --)

    Estimated Coordinates: 81, 29

    Estimated Coordinates: 09, 73

    Dark Prison (Recommended CP: --)

    Hell Hound
    Estimated Coordinates: 130, 108

    Hell Spider
    Estimated Coordinates: 129, 127

    Lost Tower (Recommended CP: --)

    Death Knight
    Estimated Coordinates:

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