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[Guide] Hallow & Divinity

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  • [Guide] Hallow & Divinity

    Acquire the essential stat for PvP, Elasticity. Hallow & Divinity has been added!

    Hallow system opens upon completion of the main quest [Scheme] after 10 Rebirth Lv.60.
    Hallow and Divinity can be found at [Hallow].

    A total of 12 Hallows can be enhanced by spending unbound Zen and Hallow Essence.
    The previous Hallow must be enhanced 100% in order to enhance the next Hallow.

    1. Hallow: opens the Hallow tab.
    2. Divinity: opens the Divinity tab.
    3. Hallow Name: shows the selected hallow's name. The currently selected Hallow must be enhanced 100% in order to enhance the next Hallow.
    4. Next Button: shows the next hallow to enhance in advance.
    5. Enhance Gauge: shows the progress of the enhancement. Enhancing the Hallow up to 100% will open the next Hallow.
    6. Basic Option: Hallows give basic options such as max HP, Attack DMG, DEF, and Elasticity. Elasticity is a new stat which decreases the chance of enemies' special stats activation. Elasticity options are counted and accumulated as points. When it reaches the certain amount, Elasticity options are applied.
    7. Total Elasticity Option: the detailed Elasticity stats can be checked here.
    8. Hallow Enhance Materials: required amounts of each resource for Hallow Enhance can be checked here.
    9. Inject: inject the hallow essence and unbound Zen to enhance the hallow. Critical(x2 Enhance) and Super Critical (x4 Enhance) will occur at random.
    10. Extra enhance: spending unbound Diamonds will increase the chances of Critical Enhance or super Critical Enhance to 100%.Critical Enhance will 100% occur. The amount of unbound Diamonds for extra Enahance differs by Hallow.

    ※ The Elasticity stats increases when a Hallow is 100% enhanced.
    ※ The special options of Elasticity is only activated when the first Haoow is 100% enhanced.

    [Hallow List]


    1. Divinity: Divinity system is composed of four Divinities, and each Divinity has different options.
    2. View Properities: Divinity options can be checked here. The Divinity is activated when required Hallows are 100% enhanced.
    3. Required Hallows: shows the list of Hallows required to activate the Divinity. Enhancing the Hallows to 100% will activate the Divinity.
    4. Total Divinity Options: the total options acquired through Divinities can be checked here. The options from all divinities are shown accumulated.

    [Divinity list]