Achieve Hallow essence to enhance the Hallow and many other precious resources in Territory Collect.
Don't forget the conqueror's privilege which offers x2 collect and +20% collecting speed!

Aether Dust, Soul Dust, Wolf Dust, and Hallow Essence can be collected in the Territory Collect.
The Territory Collect can be entered through [Event > All server event > Territory collect].

Players above 10 Rebirth Lv.60 can enter the Territory to collect resources.

1. Select Territory: select a Territory to enter.
2. Event Status: shows if the x2 Collect event hours are currently active or not. Double Collect is applied every Tuesday and Saturday 12:00 ~ 13:00. (Triple Collect is applied for the conquering Corps during the event hour.)
3. PvP mode: the PvP mode is automatically set as the [Corps] Mode in the Territory.
4. Weekly Collect Count: each character can collect up to 30 times a week. It shows the remaining counts of Weekly Collect.
5. Corps Commander Statue: the Corps Commander statue is placed in the Territory. Various resources can be acquired by praising the Statue, such as EXP, Guild Contribution, Elemental Stone, and Hallow essence.

6. Resources: Resources such as Aether dust, Soul dust, Wolf dust, and Hallow essence can be collected inside the Territory.
7. Monsters: Resources such as Zen and potions can be looted from monsters inside the Territory.

[Conqueror's Privilege in Territory Collect]
- Install Watch Tower: protect the Corps Territory collecting area with watch towers.
- Faster Collecting: collect faster in your Corps Territory.
- Corps Commander statue: place and praise the Corps Commander statue.
- Exclusive Titles: claim exclusive titles only for the conquering Corps.

[Corps Titles]