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  • [Guide] Forge

    The Forge is a new sort of Refine system that allows the addition of extra options to Tier 11 or higher equipment.
    Forge can be found at [Refine > Forge].

    1. System description: the Forge grants a buff that increases options given to Tier 11 or higher equipment by Enhance, Option Enhance and Seed Enhance.
    2. Equipment selection: you can select an equipment over Tier 11 that is being equipped for Forge here.

    1. Flames: indicate the Forge stages of an equipment. A flame is added upon success, and the flame gets extinguished upon failure.
    The color of flames changes when the equipment is forged to the next grade.
    2. Ingredients: to proceed Forge, consumable items such as Sapphire, Amethyst and unbound Zen are needed.
    Sapphires and Amethysts can be acquired from Pet Point Shop, Dice Shop, Guild Shop, and Land of Struggle.
    Jewels of Guardian can be used to prevent the flames from extinguishing when the Forge fails.
    3. Success rate: shows the success rate for the Forge. The rate decreases as the Forge grade increases.
    4. Attribute: shows the increased stats by the Forge.
    5. Forge rules: detailed rules for the Forge can be checked here.

    ※ An equipment can be forged up to 10 Grade 10 Flame.