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  • [Guide] Land of Struggle

    The guild with the quickest clear time and highest damage dealt to the Boss monster across all servers wins the Land of Struggle!

    [Land of Struggle]
    Land of Struggle is unlocked at Guild Lv. 6 and can be joined at [Guild > Guild Event > Land of Struggle].

    1. Rewards: the Land of Struggle rewards include Bound Zen, EXP, Contribution Points and The Emperor Card.
    2. Apply: guild masters of Lv.6 or higher guilds can apply for battle during the registration hours every Wednesday.
    3. Past Record / Advance List: You can check the list of the guilds that have been advanced to the tournament during the event period. (Wednesday ~ Friday)
    The past records of the previous week's event can be checked here after the end of the event. (Saturday ~ Tuesday)
    4. Rules: the event rules of the Land of Struggle can be checked here.

    [Event Hours]
    - Preliminary Battle:
    Every Wednesday 20:35 ~ 21:00
    - Tournament:

    [Preliminary Battle]
    1. Boss Monster: the boss appears in 2 minutes after entering the event dungeon.
    2. Time limit: the battle continues for 12 minutes 50 seconds. It counts as a defeat if fails to kill the Boss within the time limit.
    3. Damage info: shows the names of those who dealt the most damage and their damage dealt to the Boss.

    - The battle can be entered right after the guild master apply for battle during the event hours.
    - The message asking the guild member for participation will pop up once the registration is done.
    - The 16 guilds with the fastest boss-kill times will qualify for the next day's tournament.
    - Additional rewards are given to the one who deals the final blow to the boss.
    - The Preliminary Battle can be joined once a week.

    1. Boss Monster: each guild is placed in their own camp upon entrance. The Boss appears in 2 minutes as the barrier in each camp disappears.
    2. Time limit: the battle continues for 7 minutes 50 seconds.
    3. Damage info: shows each guild's damage dealt to the Boss. The guild with more damage dealt is placed above.

    - From the round of 16 on, the battles are held in a tournament format.
    - The top-16 guilds from the preliminary battles are automatically registered for the tournament, and battles can be entered right after the event starts.
    - Two guilds are placed in the same dungeon to compete. The guild that deals more damage to the boss wins.
    (In case of equal damage dealt to the boss, the guild with the fastest time in the preliminary battle wins.)
    - PvP is allowed in the event dungeon.
    - No rewards are granted to those who deal no damage to the boss.
    - Additional rewards are given to the one who deals the final blow to the boss.
    - Features such as Shop, Event, Reward and Inventory etc. is not accessible during the event.

    ※ The battle can be re-joined in case of leaving the event field by [Guild > Guild Event > Land of Struggle > Join] during the battle hours in the Preliminary Battles.
    ※ During the registration hours and the battle hours, joining or leaving the guild is not available if the guild is signed up for the event.