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  • [Guide] Summoner

    "Feel the ruthless pain with my dark force!"

    - Summoner can be created if you have at least one character above 3 Rebirth Lv.1 or by using the item 'Scroll of Dark Souls'.

    [How to Create A Summoner with A Scroll of Dark Souls]

    - Access [Shop > Consumables] and purchase Scroll of Dark Souls.
    - Select Scroll of Dark Souls and tap on the [Use] button in the inventory.
    - Using a Scroll of Dark Souls will open the Summoner creation page.
    - Name your character and select [Create Character] to complete.
    - There must be at least one empty character slot to create a Summoner with a Scroll of Dark Souls.

    [More about Summoner]
    - The character is equipped with Tier 5 equipment upon creation.
    - The Summoner summons the Valkyrie during battle and deals magical damage.
    - The Summoner's stats are automatically distributed in the same manner as those of the Dark wizard.
    This can be changed through [Stat > Reset]. (Resetting the stats for over 3 Rebirth Lv. 1 costs 100 Unbound Diamonds.)