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[Guide] Costume Wardrobe

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  • [Guide] Costume Wardrobe

    Complete your own Costume collection in the Costume Wardrobe.
    Level up Costumes and conveniently equip and unequip Costumes!

    Once use a Costume that you own in the inventory, [Wardrobe] is activated.

    - Add a Costume in your inventory to the Wardrobe by selecting the 'Use' button. Added costumes can be leveled up and equipped in the Wardrobe.
    - Once added in the Wardrobe, the Costume becomes bound to the character. It cannot be taken out back to the inventory.

    [Costume Level Up]
    1. Costume List: select a Costume to equip or level up.
    2. Equip/Unequip: click on the button to equip or unequip.
    3. Costume options: the Costume options can be checked.
    4. Level Up: click on the button to level up the Costume if you have the sufficient number of Costumes for level up.
    5. See Option: the Costume options can be checked.
    6. Rules: rules applied to the Wardrobe and Costume Level Up can be found here.

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    What RB you need to be to get access to that? I am 5.100 and dont have that so far


    • Grilo1DW
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      De novo, lê antes cara...

      Once use a Costume that you own in the inventory, [Wardrobe] is activated.

      Você tem que ter uma fantasia pra aparecer o Wardrobe.

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    Marce, sorry for didnt ask you early, but can i copy your guides to my website?:| -
    Already did it with any guides, but i think you need to know. You doing great job...
    Sad i'm not from webzen team
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      Hi! We truly appreciate your support and your eagerness to help the community! As long as everyone benefits from it then that's fine

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    Is there any chance to remove this shiny effect on costume? Its really ugly when u lvl up costume