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  • [Guide] Tarot Card

    Time to activate the power that these magical Tarot Cards hold.
    Strategic use of Tarot Cards with unique options will give you much more power.

    Tarot Card system opens upon completion of the quest [Master of the Forest], and it can be accessed by [Tarot Card].

    [Tarot Card Types]
    - There are 15 types of Tarot Cards in total, and each Tarot Card has two option effects.
    - Tarot Card options are as follows.
    Max HP, Physical DEF, Magic DEF, Physical DMG, Magic DMG, Reflect DMG, Extra EMG, Evade, HP Steal, and Accuracy etc.

    - The maximum level of Tarot Cards is 50.
    (Lv. 1 ~ 5: white, Lv. 6 ~ 15: green, Lv. 16 ~ 25: blue, Lv. 26 ~ 50: purple)

    1. Tarot Card List: the list of all Tarot Cards can be checked.
    2. Tarot Card gauge: The number of Tarot Cards required to unlock, or level up is indicated.
    3. Select a Tarot Card: select a Tarot Card to view detailed information.
    4. Tarot Card information: the level and the options of a Tarot Card can be checked. Also, unlock or level up the card here.
    5. Unlock/Level up: if you have the sufficient number of Tarot Cards for Unlock or Level up, select the Unlock/Level Up button for it.

    - Unlocked Tarot Cards can be equipped at [Equip Tarot].
    - Each Tarot Card gives special options to the character when equipped.

    1. Tarot Card Slot: select an empty or occupied slot to equip, remove or change the Tarot Card in the slot.
    2. View Total Options: shows the total options that the Tarot Cards equipped in the slots give.
    3. Emperor's Privilege: It give a level up effect to three randomly selected Tarot Cards for 24 hours by using 'The Emperor' card in the inventory.
    4. Choose Tarot Card: when select a Tarot Card slot, the Choose Tarot Card window pops up. It shows the list of Tarot Cards available to be equipped with the Card information.
    5. Green Options: Card information temporarily leveled up by the Emperor's Privilege is displayed in green.
    6. Use: select the 'Use' button to use or change the card in the slot.
    7. Remove: select the 'Remove' button to remove the card in the slot.

    1. Emperor's Privilege: shows the list of Tarot Cards leveled up by the Emperor's Privilege.
    2. Remaining: shows the time left for the level up effect buff.
    3. Reset: Emperor's Privilege can be reset by selecting the [Reset] button. Once reset, the level up effects cannot be returned.

    ※ Emperor's Privilege gives 24 hours of level up effect to three cards that are randomly selected. It may include the cards that are not activated.
    ※ If you acquire a Tarot Card in your inventory that has not been activated, the level up effect applies for the time left.

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    What RB to unlock tarot card?


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      Originally posted by darttheman View Post
      what rb to unlock tarot card?


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        How do you get more cards?


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          [Battlefield of Emperor Shop]
          Various Tarot Cards can be purchased at the Battlefield of Emperor Shop.


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            Where does Tarot quest start. What NPC wich location. I got cards but cant start somehow quest. Please help...