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[Guide] Companion Blessing

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  • [Guide] Companion Blessing

    Get blessed and send sincere blessings to other Companions.
    The Companions with the most blessings will get rewarded including the Companion Costume!

    Companion Blessing can be found at [Companion Blessing].

    - Blessings can be sent at any time except every Sunday between 23:00 ~ 23:59 for the Ranking settlement.
    - The Blessing Ranking resets at Every Monday 00:00.
    - You can send blessings to other characters from your server and other servers.
    - You can bless your Companion, but cannot bless yourself.
    - Only the characters in a companionship can be blessed.

    [How to send a Blessing]
    - Blessings can be sent at [Companion Blessing] or [Character Information > Bless].
    - Four types of Flowers can be used for Blessing: Flower of Truth, Flower of Spirit, Flower of Faith, and Flower of Companionship.
    - Blessing with the Flower of Companionship sends random rewards to a random character in the safe area in Lorencia.
    - Blessing of Truth required for Companion Blessing can be acquired as a Companion Arena reward. You can also send Blessings using Unbound Diamonds.
    - Blessing of Truth and unbound Diamonds spent for Blessing are as follows below.

    ※ Blessings cannot be sent in the all server maps.

    1. Ranking: 20 pairs of Companions with the most blessings are displayed in the Ranking.
    2. Send blessing: you can send blessings to the Companions in the Ranking here.
    3. Reward: blessing Ranking rewards can be checked.
    4. Rules: shows the detailed rules of Companion Blessing.

    ※ The ranking refreshes every hour.
    ※ At least 10 blessings are required to be included in the Ranking.

    [Companion Records]
    1. Record: shows those who have sent/received blessings, and the messages. Only recent 100 records are shown in the Companion Records.
    2. Current Ranking: shows the current Blessing Ranking of you and your companion, and the guild ranking.

    - Blessings received to both Companions are summed together in the Ranking, and those who received most Blessings receive Ranking rewards.
    Three pairs of Companions with most Blessings received can receive Companion Costumes.
    - The pair of Companions with the most Blessings received will have their statues in Loreancia.
    - Blessing Ranking rewards can be claimed until the next Ranking settlement period.

    [Statue Praise]
    - The first place Companions will be honored with their own pedestal in Lorencia.
    - If the first place Companions of previous week are ranked in the first place again in the current week, the praise limit becomes double.

    [Blessing Feast]
    - Players can join the Blessing Feast in Lorencia by spending bound Zen to celebrate the first place Companions.

    [Break Bond]
    - Blessings count is reset and deleted from the Ranking if the companions break bond and will not be returned.
    - If the companions break bond after the rank settlement, it does not affect the previous week's Ranking.
    However, if the first place companions break bond, the pedestals in Lorencia are replaced and the additional praise counts are not reflected.

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    How to get flowers???


    • ReadySteadyGo
      ReadySteadyGo commented
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      Is giving as reward after Companion Arena in saturday.

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    Ok i dont really know where i can ask about this so i will write here. We have accessory system and... where we can find Charm Points? For this moment its only available for donation in this event but its really expesive :/


    • Qibytsu93
      Qibytsu93 commented
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      Definetly not here. Anyway, charm points can be found in special events, by unlocking accessories and by diassemble them.