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  • [Guide] Companion Arena

    Gain a victory with the strong bond with your Companion!

    Companion Arena opens upon the completion of the quest [Hideout], and when you have a Companion after 3 Rebirth.
    It can be entered at [Event > All server event > Companion Arena].

    [Event Hours]
    - every Friday and Saturday between 13:30 ~ 15:30
    - Weekly ranking is settled at every Monday 00:10.
    ※ If the event ends during the match-making, matching is automatically canceled.

    [Event Rules]
    - A battle lasts for three minutes, and a maximum of 10 battles can be joined a day.
    - When enter the event map, two companions are automatically joined in a party and the PK mode changes to the [party mode].
    - 'Blessing of Love' buff can be received by defeating Angel Sheep of Love. The buff can be taken by defeating the current buff holder.
    - The battle can be won by keeping the 'Blessing of Love' buff for a minute, or holding the buff at the end of the battle.
    If neither sides hold the buff to the end of the battle, both sides are counted as defeated.
    - characters are respawned where they started when killed after a few seconds of cooldown or they can instantly respawn by spending unbound Diamonds.

    [Matching Rules]
    1. Single Match
    - If either of two Companions is offline during the event period, select [Single Match] to enter the match.
    - It will randomly match the character with another Single Match player or a pair of Companions.
    - if the Companion of a Single Match player logs in during the match-making, the matching is automatically canceled.
    - Single Match is only available when one Companion is offline.

    2. Doubles Match
    - If both Companions are online during the event period, select [Doubles Match] to enter the match.
    - It will randomly match the two Companions with a Single Match player or a pair of Companions.
    - If either Companion cancels matching, both of two Companions get excluded from matching.
    ※ Matching is made in the same grade of the Ranking.
    ※ If matching gets delayed, it is possible that the matching is made with the players of another Rank grade.

    [Event Buffs]
    Monsters spawned in the event map give special buffs.
    Defeat the monsters to get special buffs. Details about the buffs are as follows.

    ※ Only one buff can be applied to the character at a time.
    ※ 'Blessing of Love' holder can't receive 'Blessing of Courage' by defeating Angel Sheep of Courage.
    ※ If 'Blessing of Courage' holder defeats 'Blessing of Love' holder or Angel Sheep of Love, 'Blessing of Love' is received and 'Blessing of courage disappears.
    ※ If the holder of either buff leaves the battle or goes back to the safe area, the buffs are deactivated, and the Angel Sheep of Love is respawned in the center of the map.

    1. Ranking information: shows the current ranking and the rank points achieved.
    2. Win rate/Win streak: shows the win rate and the number of win streaks.
    3. Honor received each week: the weekly limit of Honor Point achievable is 10.
    4. Single match/Doubles match: select the Single match or the Doubles match to proceed matching. You can also cancel matching by click on the Cancel button. (The button text changes to 'Cancel' during match-making)
    5. Connection status: shows the connection status of two Companions.
    6. Shop: you can exchange Honor Points with various items in the Honor Shop.
    7. Log: shows the Companion Arena battle records.
    8. Ranking: shows the top Rankers in the Companion Arena.
    9. Reward: rewards available depending on the rank can be checked.
    10. Rules: shows the detailed event rules of the Companion Arena.

    [Companion Ranking]

    1. Rank: top ranker can be viewed here.
    2. Rank level: shows the current rank.
    3. CP / Rank Points: shows the CP and the Rank Points of the pair of Companions.

    - Weekly rewards: weekly rewards can be checked at [Companion Arena > Reward].
    - Personal rewards:
    > Victory: 200 Honor Points
    > Defeat: 140 Honor Points
    - The Companions who take the first place also get the Special Titles [Flower of MU].

    ※ The weekly number of Honor Point achievable is limited to 10.
    ※ The weekly rewards can be claimed at [Event > All server event > Companion Arena] after the ranking settlement on Monday.
    ※ The weekly rewards can only be claimed before the next ranking settlement.

    [Break Bond]
    - Companions cannot break bond during the event hours of the Companion Arena.
    - In case of break the bond, Companion Ranking points and win streaks of the week are all deleted.
    - If the companions holding the title [Flower of MU] break the bond, the title is immediately deleted.


    - Various items can be exchanged with Honor Points gathered in the Server Arena and the Companion Arena.
    - All items in the shop have the daily purchase limit.