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  • [Guide] Battlefield of Emperor

    Occupy the enemy base or you will get occupied.

    A 20 vs 20 battle fighting each other divided into the Alliance and the Order, Battlefield of Emperor has been added.

    Battlefield of Emperor opens upon completion the quest [Good Feeling] after 6 Rebirth.
    It can be entered at [Event > All server event > Battlefield of Emperor].

    Event hours are as follows.
    - Registration period: Monday and Thursday 21:00 ~ 21:25
    - Battle period: Monday and Thursday 21:30 ~ 22:00
    ※ Monday and Thursday 21:25 ~ 21:29 is the battle preparation period.

    1. Event hours: battle hours are Monday and Thursday 21:30 ~ 22:00.
    2. Rewards: here is the list of reward items (EXP, Golden Relic Gift Box, and Token of the Emperor)
    3. Detailed rules: information regarding the battlefield layout, the victory condition and the point system can be found here.
    4. Apply button/ Event Status: click on the button to apply to participate in the Battlefield of Emperor and check the event status.
    5. Shop: various items can be exchanged with Emperor Points gathered in the Battlefield of Emperor.

    ※ The apply request cannot be canceled.
    ※ The battle can be re-entered in case of quitting the game or the event during the battle period.
    ※ The camp that a character belongs to cannot be changed once assigned.
    ※ Warriors are sorted into the battlefield depending on the rebirth level.

    1. Base: each character is assigned into one of the camps upon entry. The camp cannot be changed during the battle.
    The base is the safe area, and enemies cannot attack the characters in the base. characters respawn in the base when killed.
    2. Defense Tower: Each camp has three Defense Towers. Defense Towers attack enemies in a certain range, and can be destroyed.
    3. Portal Flag: There are four flags in the center of the map (two ally flags and two enemy flags) in the beginning of the battle. Attack the enemy flag to take it down and raise the Ally flag.
    When a flag is destroyed, the camp that had taken down the flag has priority to raise the camp's flag for three seconds.
    4. Secret Passage: Destroying a defense tower opens the secret passage where players can mine ores to gain points.
    5. Duke of War/ Apostle of War: these boss monsters are spawned in each side of the battlefield. Defeating them gives a strong buff effect and points. The buff disappears once killed.
    6. Mineral Base: Each camp has a mineral base. Attack the enemy's mineral base to win the battle.

    1. Time left: time left until the end of the battle is displayed on the upper right side of the screen.
    2. Event Information: each camp's points can be checked at Event information.

    [How to gain points]
    - Defeat opponents to gain points. Defeating them continuously will give you extra combo points.
    - Points can be also gained when killed by enemies. However, getting killed Initializes the combo kill count.
    - Mine ores and deliver it to base to gain points.
    - Deal damage to towers, base, the boss monsters to gain points.

    [Victory condition]
    - First to destroy the opponent's Mineral Base wins the battle.
    - If neither side lost their base, the camp with the most points will be victorious.
    - If both camp's points are the same in the end of battle, both are counted as defeated.

    - After the battle, Emperor Point is given based on the amount of points achieved in the battle. Warriors with over 100 points can also receive extra rewards such as EXP and Bound Zen etc.

    [Battlefield of Emperor Shop]
    Various Tarot Cards can be purchased at the Battlefield of Emperor Shop.
    Please find detailed information about the Tarot Card system at the link below.

    ☞ [Guide] Tarot Card

    - The shop item list is renewed after a certain time period, or you can manually renew the list by spending Diamonds.
    - Each item in the shop has a purchase limit.