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[iOS] Calculator For Mu Origin

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  • [iOS] Calculator For Mu Origin

    Hi there,

    I've just released an app in apple store. Its for free.
    As for now, it calculates only character's stats (of each class). However, I will not stop on that version and continue enhancing it.

    So, please let me know what do you think about this app. Just leave a post here or in app store.

    Here is the link:

    Hope you enjoy using it.

    Thank you.

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    Hi, everyone!

    I've just released a new version of app when I fixed the issue with layout in Magic Knight screen.

    In the nearest future I want to add support for iPad devices.

    Also, do not hesitate to leave a feedback about the app and what do you want to see in the next releases.


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      You`re really doing some hard work here, i can`t use your app as i don`t use any iOS device.


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        Hello CherriesAndPies,

        Thank you of your words, I am really appreciate them. And pity to hear that you are not able to use my app.

        As to everybody:

        My app supports iPad devices now.

        You are welcome to use it.

        In a nearest future, I am going to add another feature, but I won't tell you Let it be surprise.

        Please create my app and let me know what do you think about it.

        Also, tell me if you find any bugs/issue.

        Have a nice day.


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          Hello there,
          It has been a long time since O wrote here. I almost complete a bunch of features. However I need some help from you. To be more specific I need the weapon name of Magic Knight class:
          - tier8,10,11 and 12

          Thank you in advance.


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            I would like to introduce the new version of “Calculator for Mu Origin” app which has available in App Store. You are welcome to download it and start using the new features.

            Also, do not forget to rate it and leave the comments.

            Take care.


            • BWakanaNGyaWa23
              BWakanaNGyaWa23 commented
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              Great job! I hope that Android users will have that too.

            • Gomer05
              Gomer05 commented
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              Hi BWakanaNGyaWa23,

              Thank you for your comment. I wasn't going to develop that app for Android market. However, If I see bunch of users who are wanted that app for Android, I will consider of implementing it.

              So, people, please leave a comment if you want that app for Android too.

              Have a good day!
              Last edited by Gomer05; 18-03-18, 11:06 AM.

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            A new version of app was released yesterday where the "Summoner" class was added.

            Have a good day!


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              The new version of app is available on AppStore with the following enhancements:
              - 13 rebirth is available;
              - included T10 item for Summoner class.


              • ShutangShinaMeskI
                ShutangShinaMeskI commented
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                It is great that you are keeping your "Calculator" updated when the game took an update too.

              • Gomer05
                Gomer05 commented
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                Thank you for your comment. I will update the app faster, if somebody helps me to find info about T11 and T12 items for Summoner class

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              I've just updated an app. Here are the features for the lates release:
              - Rebirth has been increased up to 14;
              - T13 items are available for classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Elf, Magic Knight.

              Fixed minor issues.

              Have a good day!


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                Recently a new version of the app has been added.
                T11 items for Summoner class is available now.

                Have a good day!


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                  Hi to everyone!

                  Today I am proud to announce a brand new feature ('Extra Stats' menu) that allows you to know how many days you need to spend to achieve one of the following titles:
                  - Achievement
                  - Fame
                  - Wings Tier

                  It's based on the bound diamonds that you can have per day and the current title and points that you have.

                  I hope you will enjoy using this app, because it is already available in App Store.

                  Also, do not forget to leave a feedback and mark 'starts' on the App Store.