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  • [Guide] Guild Temple

    Awaken the power hiding in the holy Temple of the Guild. the Guild Temple system has been added.
    Level up eight Crests to activate special Temple options and additional Temple buffs in the Guild Temple.

    1) Contribution Point: it is used for Crests level up.
    2) Crests: Guild Temple is composed of eight Crests, and each Crest can be leveled up by [Level Up].
    3) Temple Level: when a Crest is 100% enhanced, it gets leveled up by 1. Maximum level of the Guild Temple is the same as the Guild's current level.
    4) Additional Options: when all Crests are enhanced, additional options are attained.
    5) Buffs: additional buffs are activated depending on the Crests' level and the guild level.
    6) See Option: all options applied can be viewed at [See Option].

    ※ Temple levels are still preserved in case of withdrawal from the guild, but the Temple options are deactivated.
    ※ If you re-join a guild (not only the previous guild, but any guilds), Temple options get re-activated.
    ※ If your new guild level is lower than the Crests' levels, only limited options are applied. (Both Temple options and extra buffs)

    [Temple Level Up]
    Crests can be leveled up by spending Contribution Point. Higher level Crests give your character more increased options.

    - Guild Contribution required for level up increases up to 2,000 depending on the number of daily level up, and resets daily at 00:00.
    - You must enhance the Crest 100% in order to enhance the next Crest.
    - Crests can be only leveled up to the guild's current level, and when having enough Contribution Point to proceed 'Enhance'.
    - Crest level up order is as follows.
    Crest of Courage > Crest of Friendship > Crest of Love > Crest of Knowledge > Crest of Honesty > Crest of Purity > Crest of Hope > Crest of Light

    [Crest Extra Buffs]
    Level up eight Crests to the same level to activate additional buffs.
    When eight of them all reach the same level, Guild Temple level increases by 1, and the exterior of Crests changes.