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  • [Guide] Pet Skill

    [Pet Skill]
    An evolution of the Pet System, 'Pet Skill' system has been added.
    Pet Skill opens after 6 Rebirth 80 upon the completion of the quest [Faith War], and can be found at [Pet > Acquire Skill].

    1) Skill Level: you can level up Skill Slot to improve the Skill options that are equipped in the Slot.
    2) Acquire Skill: you can get a random Skill by [Acquire Skill].
    3) Skill Slot & Pet Skill: the number of open Skill Slots and currently equipped Skills can be found here.

    [Acquire Skill]
    Pet Skill is activated when a Pet reaches Lv. 30, and every new skill slot opens at Pet Lv.30, 40, 50 and 60.
    Open Skill Slots are available for [Acquire Skill].

    - Skills have 3 grades: Magic, Rare and Epic. Higher graded Skills give better Skill options.
    - The same Skills cannot be equipped on the same Pet.
    - The amount of Elemental Stone required for [Acquire Skill] increases depending on the daily number of [Acquire Skill], and resets daily at 00:00.
    (The required amount increases up to 2,000.)
    - Skills of an equipped pet automatically apply to the character.
    - A new skill achieved by [Acquire Skill] automatically replaces one of the Skills in the occupied Slots if all Slots are full.
    - The Slot level remains even if the Skill in the Slot changes after [Acquire Skill].

    [Skill Lock]
    'Skill Lock' prevents losing the Skills in your Slots, and help you get a desired Skill in a right Slot.

    - A certain amount of Diamonds is required to lock a skill. The amount of Diamonds increases according to the number of Skills locked.
    - Maximum two skills can be locked at a time.

    [Skill Level]
    You can level up the Skill Slots to get better Skill options.

    - A Skill can be leveled up to Lv.30.
    - [Acquire Skill] may change the Skill, but the level of the Skill Slot remains.
    - Empty Slots without a Skill cannot be leveled up.
    - In case of disassembling a pet with Skill Slots that have been leveled up, Elemental Stone used for the Slot level up is 100% returned.

    [Skill Set]
    Additional Skill Set options apply according to the number of Epic Skills in the equipped Pet.

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    There is a chance to receive the complete list of all pet skills??


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      Originally posted by Xaltan View Post
      There is a chance to receive the complete list of all pet skills??
      Each pet can acquire 4 skills so it's just your luck which skills you'll have in them.
      "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"


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        poor guide...


        • Qibytsu93
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          Make better mate, you're good in it

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        Ok, I have a little problem to understand 2 pet skill.
        Destroy Armor: Chance to activate on attack, Ignore Def 1% (Maximum 30%) increase.
        Silver Hit: Chance to activate on attack, Ignore Def ratio 1% (Maximum 30%) increase.

        So... first one give me more chance to hit ignore def with permanent virtual amount like i dont know 50% of enemy def and second one dont increasing chance to hit with ignore def but increasing this virtual amount of enemy def? How this work? I understand this correctly or no? Someone can explain?


        • MiaoMi
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          Destroy Armor: Chance to land an "Ignore Def" crit while Silver Hit increases the damage of it.Think it like this way: Critical Chance (Chance to land a critical hit) and Critical Damage (Amount of Damage dealt after landing a critical hit)

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        Ok, so i have one q more. How work Drain Life skill? This HP Steal % work on total dmg deal or % of flat HP steal stats?