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  • [Guide] Ragnarok

    A war that will change the MU Continent forever! 'Ragnarok' has been added.
    Battle the Top 100 warriors from all servers to prove yourself to be the true mightiest!

    'Ragnarok' can be entered by [Event > Server Event > Ragnarok].


    - Hours
    : Every month from 10th to 16th (7days) between 15:30 ~ 16:30

    - Battle rules
    : [Instant Battle] button will be shown for 15 secs shortly after the battle begins. Click on the [Instant Battle] button to join the battle.
    If you don't click the button or click on [AI Battle], battle is automatically proceeded.
    : Each match lasts for 3 mins, and the warrior with the higher HP left at the end of the battle wins.
    If two warriors have the same HP left at the end, the warrior with the higher Server Arena Ranking in the previous month wins.
    : Matches start at the same time every day for 7 days each month. They repeat until the daily winners are set or the end of daily battle hours.

    1) The list of warriors in the tournament is shown upon entering 'Ragnarok'.
    2) Battle information such as competing warriors can be found by clicking the button. You can also 'Bet' on a warrior whom you root for.
    3) Ragnarok rules can be checked at [Detailed Rules].
    4) The list of rewards depending on the rank can be found at [Rewards].
    5) Match results of 100 latest matches can be found at [Battle Report].
    6) The list of Server Arena top 100 warriors and participation status can be checked at [Entry Status].
    7) The amount of Ragnarok Points gathered is shown here.
    8) Ragnarok Points can be exchanged with various special items at [Ragnarok Shop].

    [How 'Ragnarok' works]
    - Preliminary rounds take place from day 1 to day 3. Those who won 3 streaks first can get to the next round.
    - The warrior who makes a foray from the rounds of 100, 64, 32, 16, the quarter-final, the semi-final to the final and win the final match becomes the 'MU Origin No.1'.
    > From the round of 16 to the final, the matches are proceeded in the 1 on 1 tournament way. After the rounds of 32 are over, the system randomly arranges the list of matches for the round of 16.

    - Rewards can be claimed based on the rank the after all matches are over.
    The exclusive title 'MU Origin No.1' is given to the final winner, and available to equip by 23:59 the last day of every month.

    Warriors of 4 Rebirth or over can 'like', 'dislike' or 'bet' on the participating warriors on the list of matches from the round of 16.

    1) Bet
    - Every day from 16:30 to 15:30 next day, warriors can pick a warrior in each group on the list of matches to 'Bet' on.
    - Betting costs bound Zen. (In case of lacking Bound Zen, Unbound Zen is spent.)
    - A certain amount of Ragnarok Points is given depending on the win/lose status of the warrior you have bet on.

    2) Like & Dislike
    - Every day from 16:30 to 15:30 next day, warriors can send a 'Like' or a 'Dislike' to one warrior on the list of matches in the round of 16.
    - Warriors that have already been eliminated from the round cannot be 'liked' or 'disliked'.
    - Warriors who collected the most 'Likes' or 'Dislikes' receive the special exterior effect.

    - Ragnarok Point
    : Ragnarok points can be attained by Winning or losing matches in Ragnarok.
    : Ragnarok Points can be also gathered depending on the win/lose status of the warrior you have bet on from the round of 16.

    - Rank Rewards
    : Other items such as Contribution Point, Medal of Honor, and Bound Diamonds can be claimed depending on the Ragnarok ranking.
    They are available to be claimed by 23:59 the last day of the month.

    - 'MU Origin No.1'
    : The final winner of Ragnarok can claim the title 'MU Origin No.1'. It is available to be equipped by 23:59 the last day of the month.

  • #2
    I was top 100 in last server arena....why am I not in the rakgnarok battle??
    Server 5 EAST
    Name : Addiction

    And I did send a ticket the moment I saw who were éligible to enter, no answer yet...


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      Too bad we can't watch top16 battles.

      Shout out to Uchylak for his no1 in Europe.