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[Guide] Cry Wolf Battle

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  • Marce
    started a topic [Guide] Cry Wolf Battle

    [Guide] Cry Wolf Battle

    [Cry Wolf Battle]

    - A minimum of guild Lv.5 is required to join the Cry Wolf Battle
    - Battle Hours
    *Lv.1 ~ Lv.9 Forts
    - Registration hours: Everyday 00:00 ~ 19:55, 20:40 ~ 00:00
    - Battle hours: Everyday 20:00 ~ 20:30
    *Lv.10 Fort
    - Registration hours: Saturday 20:40 ~ Sunday 19:55
    - Battle hours: Sunday 20:00 ~ 20:30

    - The guild master must register by selecting the [Register] button during the registration hours to attack.
    - A certain amount of Guild fund is required to register for attack.
    - Guilds can attack a Fort that is one level higher than the highest level of the Forts that they are currently occupying.
    e.g. if a guild is currently occupying a Lv.3 Fort and a Lv.5 Fort, they can only attack a Lv.6 Fort which is a level higher than the Lv.5 Fort.
    - If a guild is not occupying any Fort, they can only attack a Lv.1 Fort.

    [Fort Occupation Status]

    - Fort occupation status of a guild can be checked at [Guild > Guild Event > Cry Wolf Battle].
    - The main page of Cry Wolf Battle shows the number of Forts occupied by the guid and Fort status (attacked/in defense).

    [Fort Status]
    - Forts In Fog: yet to be occupied
    - Fort Attack: completed registration to attack
    - Occupied Fort: currently occupied
    - Fort Defense: Attack registered by another guild

    [Fort Level]
    - Forts of Cry Wolf Battle have 10 levels in total, and the higher the Fort level is, the lower the number of Forts exists.
    e.g. 8 Lv.7 Forts, 4 Lv.8 Forts, 2 Lv.9 Forts, and 1 Lv.10 Fort.

    [Occupation Rewards]

    Occupants of a Fort can claim two kinds of rewards.
    - Victory rewards can be claimed once upon victory.
    - Daily Rewards can be claimed everyday.

    The occupying guild of the Lv.10 Fort can receive the special Titles as the No.1 guild of the MU Continent.
    - Guild Master: Title 'Wolf Warlord'
    - Guild Members: Title 'Wolf Guardian'

    ※ The titles of Cry Wolf Battle applies and are displayed prior to the Loren Castle Siege titles.
    ※ Cry Wolf Battle rewards can be claimed 24 hours after joining the guild.


    - The occupation status of all Lv.7 ~ Lv.10 Forts can be found at [Guild > Guild Event > Cry Wolf Battle > Ranking].

  • Qibytsu93
    Yeah, so you can defend more than 1 at the same time... and as Kuzy said, there is a problem with registration. Only 1 attacker in higher forts, intended or not?

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  • Kuzy
    EU server7, we cant register for lvl8 castle, it give us this error on korean

    also as i can see there is only 1 attacker in each lvl8 castle, 4 castles, 8- lvl7 castle owners, it must be 2 attackers per castle
    something not working, fix please

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  • Qibytsu93
    One question. Can you defend more than 1 fort at the same time? I know you can attack and defend, but defend more than 1?

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