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[Guide] New Warrior Event

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  • [Guide] New Warrior Event

    New to MU continent and want to become a real warrior?
    The New Warrior event has been added to assist new players on the path to become a real warrior.

    Please note that New Warrior Event is only available for seven days after character creation.
    Enjoy the full benefits of it and become a guardian of MU continent!

    [New Warrior Event]

    New Warrior Event contains Login Rewards, Recharge Rewards, 7 Day Goal and 7 Day Limited Sales.

    [Login Rewards]

    -Login to receive rewards.
    ※ Login days are not accumulated. You must login on the day to receive the rewards of the day.

    e.g. if you skipped Day 2 and login on Day 3, you can only claim rewards for Day 3. Day 2 rewards are no longer available after Day 2.

    [Recharge Rewards]

    - You can receive daily charge rewards for charging diamonds daily.
    ※ Charged diamond amount is not accumulated. If you purchased diamonds on Day 1, you can only receive daily charge rewards for Day 1.

    e.g. if you charged 500 diamonds on Day 1, you can only receive Day 1 charge rewards but cannot receive Day 2 rewards.
    If you wish to receive Day 2 charge rewards, you need to purchase diamonds on Day 2.

    - If you charged diamonds and didn't claim rewards on the designated day, you can still claim it on the next day.
    e.g. if you purchased diamonds on Day 1 and forgot to claim rewards, you can claim them on Day 2.

    - The total diamond purchase amount of all characters in the same account and in the same server count together to receive the rewards.
    - The rewards can be claimed by all newly created characters of the same account in the same server that the character that purchased diamonds.
    ※ If you charged diamonds using your character that already exists and create a new character, you can receive daily charge rewards.

    [7 Day Goal]

    - Players are given different daily goals every day to achieve and receive rewards for achieving the goal.
    - New goals still open daily even if you do not login on the designated day.
    - Even though you did not attain the goal of the day before, you can still receive the rewards by achieving it during the event period left.

    [7 Day Limited Sales]

    - Various items are available for a limited price only for seven days.
    ※ Each item has a quantity limit.