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[Guide] Kalutan - A new all-server area for over Rebirth 10

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  • [Guide] Kalutan - A new all-server area for over Rebirth 10

    A new all-server area, Kalutan has been added.
    Kalutan is a new all-server area where you can come across warriors over 10 Rebirth from all servers.
    Roam to encounter new monsters and meet warriors from all servers!

    Discover the unknown area before anyone else!

    [Kalutan Channels]

    - Kalutan has five channels, and you can enter through available channels.
    - Once entering Kalutan, in-server chatting is disabled.
    - Elite Bosses in Kalutan will spawn in 2 hours after they are defeated.

    [Inaccessible Features in Kalutan]

    - Some features are disabled while in Kalutan.
    - Features including Events (New warrior events, Server merge events, and Special events etc.), Shop, Diamond purchase, Companion, Friends, Auction, Ranking, Coupon, Arena and 2nd password change/reset etc. are not accessible in Kalutan.