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[Guide] Server Dungeons - Harmageddon & Elemental War

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  • [Guide] Server Dungeons - Harmageddon & Elemental War

    Now you can party up with players from other servers to defeat the evil in Server Dungeons.

    Server Dungeons are dungeons where warriors from all the servers cooperate to clear the dungeon.
    You can enter various Server Dungeons at [Dungeon>Server Dungeon].


    Harmageddon can be accessed by reaching 4 Rb 90 Lv and completing the quest 'Aida (1)' after 5Rebirth.
    You can enter Harmageddon by [Dungeon>Server Dungeon>Harmageddon].

    1. Dungeon description
    After entering the dungeon, you must defeat the Four Knights to summon Harmageddon.
    Defeat Harmageddon and receive various rewards.

    2. TIP
    If you successfully defeat the Four Knights within the time limit, each Knight defeated will increase the reward by 50%.
    However, for every successful time attack, Harmageddon will get stronger.

    [Elemental War]

    Elemental War can be accessed by completing the quest 'Follow the Clean-up Unit' after 6Rebirth.
    You can enter Elemental War by [Dungeon>Server Dungeon>Elemental War].

    1. Dungeon description
    After entering the dungeon, you must defeat the monsters within the time limit for the next wave to start.
    If you quickly defeat the monsters in a wave, you can skip waves (min. 1 ~ max. 4 waves).
    If you fail to defeat all the monster within the time limit, the dungeon will end.
    There are at max 30 waves, with each wave progressively harder. Reaching further waves will increase the amount of rewards.

    2. TIP
    In the dungeon, the monster "Elemental Fear" has high DEF. It is weak against elemental DMG, so use Soul Stones to your advantage.