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  • [Guide] Battlefield of Heroes

    Now join the fight with 100 warriors from all servers, and enjoy PVP, mining and boss hunting in all new Battlefield of Heroes!

    Battlefield of Heroes can be accessed by completing the quest 'Guardian' after 6Rebirth.
    You can enter Battlefield of Heroes by [Event > Server Event > Battlefield of Heroes].

    Players will be randomly divided into one of 2 teams upon entrance, and a team with higher score wins.
    There are three elements in this battlefield: PVP, mining, and boss hunting.
    Each side must battle to gain points by achieving these three elements.


    1. Entry
    - Registration period: Tuesday and Friday 21:00 ~ 21:25
    - Battle period: Tuesday and Friday 21:30 ~ 22:00

    2. Win Criteria
    - A team with the higher score in the end of the event wins.

    3. How to earn points
    - Receive points by gathering materials
    - Receive points by defeating opponents
    - Receive points for damaging the Boss (every 0.01% of max HP)
    - Receive points for dealing the final blow to the Boss

    4. How to gain combo points
    - Consecutively defeating opponents gives combo points
    - Defeating opponents while maintaining combo points will award extra points
    - If your character is killed combo points are reset

    5. Reward rules
    - Each warrior will receive rewards based on the number of points they gained.
    - Warriors under 100 points will not be rewarded.