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  • [Guide] Specialty System

    Specialty System

    The Specialty System is a new feature added with the 1.6v update. Pave a unique path for your character with the Specialty System.

    [How to unlock Specialty System]
    The Specialty System is a high-level content available after achieving 10 Rebirth 1 Lv. You can access it through [Character > Specialty] menu.

    [How to use Specialty System]
    1. Points: The Specialty System works by adding points into the desired skill slots.
    2. Specialty Groups: There are three main specialty groups and in each group, there are multiple skills. The main groups include: Destruction, Cold-blood, and Inhumanity.
    3. Individual Skills: Each point allocated gives the described stats/skills.
    4. Reset: You can reset your Specialty with a Reset Ticket or by using Diamonds.
    5. Specialty Buff: Gain a Specialty Buff for each point allocated towards one of the three main Specialty groups.
    [How to gain Points]

    Points are obtained by using experience. You can gain a point by injecting the required amount of EXP.

    [How to unlock Specialty Buff]

    Each main specialty group has their own respective skills, with each point added towards a group increasing the chance of their respective group skill, but also decreasing the chance.

    [Different skills of Specialty groups]

    There are three different Specialty groups and three different main skills obtained from each. The three skills include: Destructive Blow, Frost Blow, and Bloody Blow.

    Destructive Blow: deals 3x DMG.
    Frost Blow: deals 2x DMG and decreases target movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds.
    Bloody Blow: deals 1.4x DMG and recovers a certain amount of your HP.

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    Where can we find more detailed infos about speciality, like how much HP restored you get from Bloody blow for example since is written in game is certain?