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  • [Guide] Muren's Book

    The long-lost ancient book of mysterious spells, Muren’s Book has been regained.
    Now it’s in your hand waiting to take its power back to save MU continent!

    Muren’s Book System opens at 4Rebirth 80, after ‘Battle Preparation (3)’ quest is cleared, and it can be found at [Muren’s Book].
    Enhancing Muren’s Book increases not only Basic options such as DMG and DEF, but also Resurrection Chance and Full MP Recovery.

    1. Mysterious Spell: activate Mysterious Spells with [Magic Broom]!
    2. Level UP/Auto Promotion: enhance Muren’s Book with [Magic Book] and [Magic Crystal]!
    [Magic Broom]

    Add more powers to Muren’s Book! The Magic Broom content has been newly updated.
    Magic Broom is opened upon reaching Muren's Book Tier 10.

    1. Magic Broom : View the options of your Magic Broom and enhance it.

    2. Enhance : There are 20 Tiers in Magic Boom, and each Tier has 10 Star Grades. You can evolve to the next Tier after enhancing the 10 Star Grades.

    3. Basic Option : Enhancing the Magic Broom increases basic options such as Attack DMG, DEF, Max HP, and Resist DMG according to the Magic Broom Tier.

    4. Level Up : Fountain of Magic and Strap of Magic are required to enhance and evolve Magic Broom. If materials are insufficient, unbound diamonds can be used instead.

    [Mysterious Spell]
    Dust Muren’s book with Magic Broom to activate its mysterious spells. The spell will reinforce your power for 70 hours!

    The spell options are as below.•Freeze Chance: freezes for 2 seconds and give 50% more DMG

    •Paralysis Chance: paralyzes for 1 seconds and give 50% more DMG
    •Speed Decrease Chance: slows down 30% for 4 seconds and give 50% more DMG.
    •Double Hit Chance: give 100% more DMG by an additional attack
    [Muren’s Book Enhance]• Magic Book: used to promote Muren’s Book for level up
    Each tier has 10 levels, and you must enhance Muren’s Book each time it reaches Lv. 10. You can enhance it up to Tier 20 Lv. 10.• Magic Crystal: used to enhance Muren’s book for tier up
    Muren’s Book has a higher chance of enhancing as the percentage increases. If you're lucky, you'll be able to enhance it before they reach 100%!

    Magic Book, Magic Crystal, and Magic Broom can be purchased in Honor Shop.

    If you have already reached Muren's Book Tier 10 and opened Magic Broom, additional options are applied by activating Mysterious Spell.
    The additional options are Freeze Chance, Paralysis Chance, Speed Decrease Chance, and Double Hit Chance. The maximum number of options and their effects are decided by the Tier of the Magic Broom.