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    The MK is the most versatile class available in MU Origins. It can be a tanky Knight or Magic Wielding wizard. With that said, the majority of stats matchup exactly with their counter parts. Knight to DK and Wizard to DW. The difference is in the spells available, weapon variations and base stat increase values.

    The magic knight is unique in the fact it has two skill sets available to it. Strength MK and Energy MK. They both Share the same Buff type which is the second most important party buff available.

    To switch between skill sets, change the primary weapon from one class to the other. If primary hand weapon requires strength to equip, then SMK skills will be active. If weapon in primary hand requires Energy to equip, the EMK skills will be activated. Only the primary hand weapon determines the skill set that is activated, sorry no hybrid builds available.

    Buff- Accuracy and Evade increased by % amount+base amount.

    SMK Skills
    Cyclone- Full long range AOE with medium damage. Range 6m. Cooldown 4s.
    Death Spark- Wide Frontal AOE with medium damage. Range 8m. Cooldown 4s. Crowd Control- Slowing effect. Can be directed from original position during animation.
    Flare swing- full frontal aoe power attack. Range 6m. Cooldown 10s. Crowd Control- Knock back.
    Solar blaze- Straight forward power attack. Range 8m. Cooldown 8s. Can be directed from original casting position for full arc.

    SMK has unique skills that can be used in a large range of ways but lacks the crowd control ability of a DK.
    Use Death Spark to slow enemies down to allow for pursuit.
    Use Flare Swing to deliver large amounts of damage and lock enemies into the environment.
    Use Solar blaze to track a moving target or far away stationary target.
    Use cyclone for crowd clearing and punishing enemies at range.

    EMK Skills
    Lightning Fang- Long Range Full AOE with medium damage. Range 8m. Cooldown 4s.
    Giga Burst- Frontal Power attack. Range 8m. Cooldown 4s. Can be directed during animation from original casting position.
    Doom Crush- Frontal Power attack. Range 8m. Cooldown 10s. Crowd Control- Stun.
    Sun Blast- Full AOE power attack. Range 6m. Cooldown 8s. Crowd Control- Knockback.

    EMK is a ranged AOE master that punishes those that come too close.
    Use sun blast for enemies that are in close range to deliver a large amount of damage and move them away from you.
    Follow up with Doom Crush to stun the targets and deliver a devastating amount of damage.
    Use Giga Burst on stunned or stationary targets.
    Use Lightning fang to burn surrounding enemies and large groups. Lightning fang can harass targets far away. Use lightning fang in PVP with care, as it locks your character in position for several seconds and is easy to get closed in upon.

    Dmg: 840 dmg/ 1000 str
    MDmg: 920 Mdmg/ 1000 ene
    Def: 800 Def/ 1000 agi
    MDef: 760 Mdef/ 1000 agi
    Acc: 500 acc/ 1000 agi
    Evade: 500 evade/ 1000 agi
    HP: 4400 HP/ 1000 Stam

    Knight Build Matches exactly to what DK can do. See DK Guide.
    Wizard Build Matches exactly to what DW can do. Variation on weapon choice. See DW Guide.

    See DW/DK guide for shared weapon combos. Below will be a list unique to the MK.
    2x 1hand wand combo has the unique form of boosting the emk magic damage by 110% over using a single 1h wand. This allows the EMK to boost its magic damage higher than the 2H staff or 2H rune sword.
    Rune Swords for both SMK and EMK are equal to the 2h Axe version of DK. It is a balanced weapon on the EMK side between 2x 1h wands and 2h Staff.

    In SMK, the SMK is equal to the DK.
    In EMK, the EMK is equal to the DW.

    SMK Counters Elf, is equal to DK, and weak to DW.
    EMK Counters DK, Equal to DW, and weak to Elf.

    Runasen USWest Origin2
    Meathead USWest Origin2

    If any information is lacking, incorrect or even simple typos, please post a reply and they will be addressed to maintain the accuracy to this guide.
    Last edited by Runalee; 09-01-17, 07:13 PM. Reason: added note how to change between skills and editted intro line to clarify class difference between class counterparts.

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    Nice guide, Runalee!

    Btw, if you don't mind, you would add the "Skill change" between 2 builds (Strength to Magic and vice-versa). My friends checked your guide and wishes to change their builds from Str to Mgc but the guide lacks the info on how to do it. I know it's a simple "equip an Magic Sword and you should be okay" but you know, not all reads. LOL
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    • Runalee
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      Thank you for pointing that out... note added along with class counterpart variation in intro.

    • MiaoMi
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      Nice, thanks for adding that on your guide!