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    The Dark Wizard is the master of magic. This class has the strongest long range magic damage aoe. The DW has amazing crowd clearing and burst damage. The DW has limited mobility during skill animations, but the range and power of the attacks make up for it.

    The DW has four main attack skills and a beneficial party buff.
    Aqua Beam- Long Range Frontal Power Attack. Range 8m. Cooldown 4s. Can be directed during animation from original casting position in full circular motion.
    Evil Spirit- Long Range Full AOE with medium dmg per hit. Range 6m. Cooldown 4s.
    Hellfire- Full aoe power attack. Range 4m. Cooldown 10s. Crowd Control- Stun.
    Twister- Full aoe power attack. Range 4m. Cooldown 8s. Crowd Control- Stun and Slow.
    Buff- Reduced damage based on % +base amount.

    Use Evil spirit at range to damage monsters and players at range. It is a wonderful tool for destroying groups quickly, but locks DW in position during animation.
    Use hellfire and twister to punish players that get too close or do outstanding damage to bosses.
    Aqua Beam is a strong burst skill that can track moving targets or stationary targets at range.
    Use Hellfire and twister to lock down a target, followed by aqua beam if the target is stunned.

    The main stats for the DW is Energy, AGI and STA. STR does not benefit the DW in any way.
    Below is a list of stats and how they are impacted by the character points.
    Magic Damage: 880 mdmg/1000 ene
    Def: 640 def/ 1000agi
    MDef: 840 mdef/1000agi
    Acc: 500acc/1000 agi
    Evade: 500acc/ 1000 agi
    Hp: 3600hp/ 1000 sta

    The DW has 2 end game builds that vary based upon weapon choice. End game Builds are DPS or PVP. DPS build uses the 2H staff to punish enemies. PVP uses wand and shield for survivability while still maintaining the ability to punish enemies.
    DPS build Reference DS build
    During the leveling phase, there are 3 types of build focuses that a player can choose from for the dw class; ds, balance and pvp. Each one has a distinct focus that it build upon to achieve target goals within the game.

    The DS build is the typical pve build focused purely on damage. This build is used for focusing on farming DS loots for faster progression through the leveling phase.
    Fruit levels determine armor set, not points are used in Stam. The bare minimum agi is used for the highest tier weapons able to be achieved for the current level. The remaining amounts of stat points are placed into the energy stat to maximize damage
    Pet focus is Garuda, Red Dragon, and other pets that maximize damage.
    Feather Focus is Earth, Holy Tree, and Whirlwind.

    Balance build is a hybrid build that has weapons higher tier than armor set, but has sustainability in pvp situations.
    After achieving the highest level weapon, points are placed into stam and agility to match the armor set to weapon tier within one level.
    This build has decent armor and defense. This build can vary is player slightly by using 2h staff or 1h wand + shield
    Pet Focus is pets like Garuda, Freezer, Soul Dragon and Red Dragon.
    Feather focus is Earth, Holy Tree, and Whirlwind.

    PVP build maximizes defensive stats while maintaining dmg output. This build has the greatest defense capability but still can pack a punch.
    This build maintains the same level weapon and armor. Point allocations is balanced between stam, agi and energy.
    This build has the highest armor and defense.
    Pet focus is Freezer, Unicorn, soul dragon and similar defensive style pets.
    Feather Focus is Earth and Whirlwind

    The DW has 2 weapon combos it can use, 2h Staff or 1h wand + shield.
    The 2h Staff is the highest damaging weapon in the DW arsenal. It has the highest damage range in minimum and maximum damage. It has 17% more damage potential than wand. This is the preferred weapon for PVE situations.
    The 1h wand has lower damage, but with the shield, the DW has roughly 15% more defense and additional luck option, allowing for punishing blows through crit. This is the preferred weapon combo for PVP matchups.

    Compared to other classes, the DW has the Highest magic defense, but the lowest HP and Pdef.
    Ph Def: DW has 37.1% less def than DK and 18.9% less than Elf
    Magic Def: DW has 28.7% more Def than DK and 14.4% more than Elf
    HP: DW has 39% less HP than DK and 16.7% less than Elf.

    In PVP matchups, the DW counters DK, but is weak versus Elf.

    Runasen USWest Origin2
    Meathead USWest Origin2

    If any information is lacking, incorrect or even simple typos, please post a reply and they will be addressed to maintain the accuracy to this guide.
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    DOH! my secret to winning ds for the past year is out now!

    It is worth building up your amplify damage. Don't invest stat points into amplify (the opposite stat that your character requires), but max out the fruit for it. Str for EMK and DW, ENG for ELF, DK, SMK.

    It really does help as a little bonus like extra damage.
    Here! I'm using what you said about Strength not being a useless stat for energy classes.

    Btw, can you tell me how many stats do I gain per rebirth?


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      Originally posted by Shaddal View Post

      Here! I'm using what you said about Strength not being a useless stat for energy classes.

      Btw, can you tell me how many stats do I gain per rebirth?
      Stats goes +1 to each rebirth

      From 1 to 11 rebirth are :
      "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"


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        Thanks for the reply KraWn. So at RB1 lvl 100 I'm getting 600 stat points, at RB 2 lvl 100 - 700 stat points and so on, right? I'm asking this because I'm planning to use Tier 6 weapon at RB3 and it seems I will not have enough stat points to equip it.


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          Just calculate everything before continue with your rebirth.
          "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"